Should I use a lightbox for product photography?

Whether you have a product shoot planned or want to do some still life snaps, a lightbox will help you do the job right. However, if you’re new to it, proper lighting is one of the first things you’ll have to learn. Also, don’t mix different kinds of light bulbs or you’ll get uneven and inconsistent lighting.

What color light is best for product photography?

Between 5,000 and 6,000 Kelvin is your ideal, neutral light range. At those numbers, you won’t see the yellow or blue color cast that happens at lower or higher temps. (You might be thinking of some cool photos where pros used a color cast to their advantage.

How much light do I need for product photography?

Below are some quick tips to improve your product photography lighting setup: Use at least two lights. Get two identical cool colored 5000K bulbs. Create a seamless white background with some white poster board taped to the bottom of a large clear plastic storage container that’s flipped onto its side.

How many watts do I need for product photography?

You need around 200-300 watts for studio lighting for a small commercial photographic shoot. For larger studios and more subjects, strobes around 400-500 watts will do the job. However, the number of watts you require varies according to what you shoot and the setting.

What does a lightbox do for product photography?

What is a lightbox? A lightbox is a box you place your product in, and fill it with light to photograph that product. A lightbox aims to avoid shadows when you photograph your main subject. If you light the scene from all directions, you’ll not see shadows.

How to make your own photo light box?

How to create a product photography light box: Step 1: Cut-out your carboard light box. Step 2: Trim the tissue paper to the same dimensions and tape it to the box. Step 3: Snip the poster board to the same dimensions and drape for a white background. Create Your Online Store. Just follow these steps to make your own photo light box:

Where can I get a light box for free?

Making a lightbox is rather simple if you find a square and thick cardboard box and light it. These kinds of boxes are usually being thrown away which means that you can get them for free. Visit the back of grocery stores, malls, convenience stores or any nearby places which sell products. There you could surely find a necessary box or two.

How big is the Amazon Lightbox photo studio?

The Amazon Basics Lightbox Photo Studio is compact and efficient. Measuring 25″ x 30″ x 25″ – this kit fits a variety of product sizes. It comes with a power supply, user manual and pre-installed removable bright, white backdrop. The lighting is LED and offers a 5600K daylight balanced resolution.