What is the meaning of the phrase afflicted with?

transitive verb. 1a : to cause pain or suffering to : to distress so severely as to cause persistent suffering or anguish people afflicted with arthritis a region afflicted by hunger and poverty. b : trouble, injure. 2 obsolete. a : humble.

What is the means of leprosy?

Leprosy: An infectious disease of the skin, nervous system, and mucous membranes that is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy is transmitted via person-to-person contact.

What does like a leper mean?

In the Middle Ages, when there was no known treatment for leprosy, people with the disease were often quarantined in areas known as “leper colonies.” These days, leper is more commonly used in a general way to refer to someone who is shunned by others: “Her friends treated her like a leper because they mistakenly …

Is it afflicted by or afflicted with?

“She’s been afflicted with arthritis for twenty years.” This is probably because “by” is used for the agent in a passive sentence (and ‘flu is thought of as being more an active agent than arthritis is), while “with” has the connotation of something that belongs to or accompanies a person.

What does afflicted mean in the Bible?

1 : a cause of persistent pain or distress a mysterious affliction. 2 : great suffering felt empathy with their affliction.

Do body parts fall off leprosy?

The digits do not “fall off” due to leprosy. The bacteria that causes leprosy attacks the nerves of the fingers and toes and causes them to become numb. Burns and cuts on numb parts may go unnoticed, which may lead to infection and permanent damage, and eventually the body may reabsorb the digit.

What does afflicted person mean?

: grievously affected or troubled (as by a disease) : mentally or physically impaired … a pet spaniel, so thin as to appear afflicted …— Osbert Sitwell Paul fell sick and must keep his bed; drink was the root of his malady, in my poor thought; but he was tended, and indeed carried himself, like an afflicted saint.

What does leprosy mean in the English Dictionary?

› an infectious disease that damages a person’s nerves and skin.

What does the Bible say about leprosy?

Biblical leprosy is described in Leviticus 13 as a progressive disease that causes scabs and crusts on the skin, leaves white patches (similar to vitiligo) on the skin, turns hair white and causes bald spots. The word “leprosy” comes from the Greek word, lepra, which refers to “scabs” or “peeling.”

How can you tell if someone has leprosy?

Leprosy. A person with paucibacillary disease has five or fewer poorly pigmented numb skin patches while a person with multibacillary disease has more than five. The diagnosis is confirmed by finding acid-fast bacilli in a biopsy of the skin or by detecting the bacteria’s DNA using polymerase chain reaction.

How does leprosy get from one person to another?

Leprosy is spread between people and possibly from armadillos. Spread between people is thought to occur through a cough or contact with fluid from the nose of an infected person.