What does it mean to half mast the Canadian flag?

Half-masting the National Flag of Canada The half-masting of national flags is a well-established procedure whereby countries bestow an honour and express a collective sense of sorrow. The Government of Canada determines the rules for half-masting the National Flag and posts notices for every half-masting occasion.

Where does the CSC flag go at half mast?

DEFINITIONS. CSC flag: the corporate flag of the Correctional Service of Canada. Half-mast: the position of the flag when flying at half-mast will depend on its size, the length of the mast and its location; but, as a general rule, the centre of the flag should be exactly half-way down the mast.

Who is responsible for flying the flag at half mast?

The Assistant Commissioner, Communications and Engagement (ACCE), is the delegated authority for the implementation and administration of this directive. In the event that the National Flag is to be flown at half-mast, all flags within the surrounding stand of flags must be lowered accordingly.

How tall does the Canadian flag have to be when flown from a gaff?

If flown from a gaff, the flag should be lowered to six feet (1.80 m) above the level of the deck, until the salute is acknowledged. In times of mourning, the flag may be flown at half-mast, which places the upper corner of the flag next to the staff at approximately three-quarters of full-hoist.

What to do when the Canadian flag is raised or lowered?

When the National Flag of Canada is raised or lowered, or when it is carried past in a parade or review, people should face the flag, men should remove their hats, and all should remain silent. The National Flag of Canada is lowered to half-mast on occasions when a demonstration of sorrow is called for. Canada has its own Rules for Half-masting.

When is the American flag at half staff?

Scheduled Days When the American Flag is Half-Staff By order of the President of The United States By order of the Governor of your state Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th (sunrise until sunset)

Can a Canadian flag be flown at night?

The National Flag of Canada can be flown at night without being lit.