Is St Etienne France worth visiting?

St Etienne is definitely not worth a visit. But, if you want to stay in this area, you might want to consider travelling just a little bit further than St Etienne to the town of Le Puy en Velay. It’s just 134kms from Lyon, in the Massif Central, and is set on famous volcanic ‘domes’.

What is Saint Etienne France known for?

Saint-Étienne became an important coal mining, metallurgical, and textile centre in the 19th century, but these activities have greatly declined; coal mining ended completely in the 1970s. Saint-Étienne remains an industrial city, however, with a host of mechanical and electrical engineering firms.

What does Saint Etienne mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saint Étienne is French for Saint Stephen.

Is Etienne male or female?

Étienne, a French analog of Stephen or Steven, is a masculine given name. An archaic variant of the name, prevalent up to the mid-17th century, is Estienne.

What is the female name for Stephen?

In English, the female version of the name is “Stephanie”. Many surnames are derived from the first name, including Stephens, Stevens, Stephenson, and Stevenson, all of which mean “Stephen’s (son)”.

What is the female version of Peter?

Petra is a feminine given name. It is a feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word “πέτρα” (pronounced [ˈpetra]) meaning “stone, rock”.

Are there any museums in Saint-Etienne, France?

Saint-Étienne has four museums: the Musée d’Art Moderne has one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art in France Musée de la Mine Musée de l’Art et de l’Industrie Musée du vieux Saint-Etienne

Which is the main railway station in Saint Etienne?

The main railway station is Gare de Saint-Étienne-Châteaucreux, which offers high speed services to Paris, Lyon ( Saint-Étienne–Lyon railway ), and several regional lines.

How many people live in Saint Etienne France?

The municipality is also at the heart of a vast urban area with more than 519,834 inhabitants in 2016, the seventeenth largest in France by population, comprising 117 municipalities.

Why is Saint Etienne the design capital of France?

Long known as the French city of the “weapon, cycle and ribbon” and a major coal mining center, Saint-Etienne is currently engaged in a vast urban renewal program aimed at leading the transition from the industrial city inherited from the 19th century to the “design capital” of the 21st century.