What is the average market cap of the Russell 2000?

about $1.2 billion
The median market cap of a company in the Russell 2000 was about $1.2 billion as of July 2021, according to FTSE Russell, which manages the index.

Is the Russell 2000 market cap weighted?

The Russell 2000 index is a stock market index comprised of 2,000 small-capitalization companies. Both indexes are market-cap weighted, with the S&P 500 used as a large-cap benchmark and the Russell 2000 as a small-cap proxy.

Is Russell index market cap weighted?

Understanding the Russell 1000 Index As mentioned above, it is a subset of the Russell 3000 index and is market capitalization-weighted. 1 This means that the largest companies constitute the largest percentages in the index and will affect performance more than the smallest Index members.

What is the PE ratio of the Russell 2000?

Other IndexesFriday, September 10, 2021

9/10/21† Year ago†
Russell 2000 Index Russell 2000 Index 289.00 1.66
NASDAQ 100 Index NASDAQ 100 Index 36.35 0.77
S&P 500 Index S&P 500 Index 31.41 1.79

How often does the Russell 2000 rebalance?

The Russell Indexes are reconstituted each year to reflect changes in the market capitalization of constituent companies. Investors and traders pay close attention as names are added or dropped from the Russell 1000 and Russell 2000 indexes.

Is the Russell 1000 a good investment?

The Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index ETF is a solid choice for ETF investors who favor growth stocks over value stocks, large caps over small and medium caps, and U.S. stocks over a mix of domestic and foreign stocks. (Large-cap stocks have market capitalizations of at least $10 billion.)