How often did you ask yourself: why should I write long scholarship essays? Surely, nowadays we used to denote thoughts, ideas, words in the form of images, short phrases in the format of posts in social networks or images that are called “memes”. At first sight it’s easier and faster. But the ability to briefly formulate a thought or publish photos on the Internet does not teach you many other useful skills that are necessary for a successful future in your personal and professional life.

Current trends in the organization of the educational process require the expansion of innovative activities to improve, plan and strengthen the role of unsupervised activities. The student’s self-guided work is aimed at: consolidating, expanding and deepening the knowledge and skills of the students they received during the class time; creating a system of student motivation for conducting analytical work and independent research; cultivating self-discipline, creative activity and efficiency in work. But it is very important for each student to understand that the development of his/her intellectual and creative skills as well as an independent thinking is possible only through familiarizing with independent work. Therefore, writing an argumentative essay is one of the most effective types of student individual work.

An argumentative essay is a way to justify a position based on information obtained from personal experience and / or reading. Its main goal is to develop the skills and abilities of a clear and reasonable statement of your position.

So, why exactly are we learning to write an argumentative essay?

Any type of essay, much less the argumentative essay learns you to think. Person stimulates the thought process when reflecting on paper and writing. Very often it is difficult for us to say something out loud or formulate a thought. A letter or a printed text helps us focus: fixing all the ideas that appear in your head, you will be able to pick out the most important and somehow formulate the essence, its main idea. Oral reflections and communication also develop our brain. But the thought said aloud may be missed. And the idea which is written down on paper will remain forever.

Writing an argumentative essay teaches to combine parts of disparate information into one. This is how skills for analyzing and formulating conclusions develops: writing an essay helps to see not only the individual parts, but also the whole picture. The ability to notice individual elements and small details as well as the whole problem and to have a broad-based knowledge is the quality, which can help you become a leader, a successful businessman or build a professional career. This quality is best developed when you work with a large amount of information and identify the most important thing by writing it down on paper. So that the argumentative essay the best way to develop analytical skills.

The process of developing a clear and convincing argument during an argumentative essay writing helps the author in his formation as a thinker and critic. This is due to the fact that written reasoning contributes to the development of mental abilities: organization of thoughts, structuring of the material, evaluation of facts, adherence to logical consistency and clear self-expression.

Writing an essay teaches memorizing. Scientists have proved: if the text is not memorized with some purpose, it is retained in memory for about ten seconds. What to do if the information is “disappears” so quickly? In order for the content of the text to be remembered and clear, the text must be analyzed. This is what we learn to do when we write essays. The argumentative essay helps to activate mental activity, develop logic, memory, creative abilities and, of course, speech. A developed speech is the basis of confidence and success.

Eventually, an argumentative essay is the basis of a future academic argumentative report. Unlike other types of essay, an argumentative essay requires more in-depth research. This means that, having mastered the skills of correctly writing an argumentative essay, you can easily perform more complex student research papers yourself.

As you can see, despite the fact that writing an argumentative essay gives a lot of opportunities and advantages, you should not forget that this is not as easy as pie and requires certain knowledge and experience. Therefore, sometimes, when problems arise in writing such an essay, some students turn for help to specialized modern student writing services such as Such services will help not only to write an argumentative essay efficiently and quickly, but also help you understand the basic principles of its writing. After all, often such services provide an opportunity to participate and control the writing of the work, which also contributes to the acquisition of the argumentative essay writing skills.