What episode does Steve go to wizard school?

Dope and Faith
Dope and Faith (TV Episode 2007) – IMDb.

What school does Steve Smith from American Dad go to?

Pearl Bailey High School
Steve Smith is the baby of the family, Stan and Francine’s high-school aged son. Steve is around 85 lbs and is described as really short even for his age. He attends Pearl Bailey High School.

What episode did Steve go to Hogwarts?

Dope & Faith | American Dad Wikia | Fandom.

What episode of American Dad does Stan smoke crack?

A Jones for a Smith
A Jones for a Smith. Stan becomes addicted to crack, mistakenly thinking that it is cold medicine.

How many episodes does American Dad Season 4 have?

American Dad! – Season 4/Number of episodes

What year did Season 6 of American Dad come out?

American Dad! American Dad!’s sixth season premiered on Fox on September 27, 2009.

What happens at the arcade in American Dad?

At the arcade, Steve manages to impress an all-girl street gang with his shooting ability and is initiated, the gang accepting him as more girl than boy. After Stan ingratiates himself with the Senator, he arrives home to find out Roger sold the Senator’s daughter to a drug dealer to pay for a drug binge they went on together.

How did Steve cut school in American Dad?

Stan’s harsh appraisal of the private school changes when he learns the senator’s daughter is a student and he forces Steve to attend. Steve exits through a back door and cuts school but Stan is successful in receiving an invitation from the Senator to play golf. Later at work, Stan finds out from Francine that Steve cut school.

How did Steve defeat the professors in American Dad?

Steve, easily convinced by Roger that his “professors” were in fact Death Eaters in disguise, is convinced he’s the one who defeated them since his glasses were broken during the scuffle. Roger then proceeds to teach Steve a “potion” which consists of sulfuric acid and a hacksaw.

Why does Steve think it’s Hogwarts in American Dad?

Nevertheless, Steve is convinced it is Hogwarts disguised by a cloaking charm and that the crack dealers are his professors. Steve also mistakes the foreign phrase, “Lavate las manos”, as the incantation for a spell, when he hears his supposed “potions partner” say it.