What film does a Kodak Advantix use?

Kodak Advantix 400 Speed 25 Exposure APS Film

Film Format Type APS
Exposures per Roll 25

Is APS film still available?

APS (Advanced Photo System) film and cameras were introduced in 1996 as an alternative to the traditional 35mm film. Although the system never really caught on APS film is currently still available and can be found in this category.

Can Kodak Advantix film be redeveloped?

We can still develop and print or scan your APS Advantix or NExia film, as well as make prints or scan rolls of APS film that have already been developed. We correct every negative we print to achieve the best pictures possible, every time. If your camera recorded the date we will print that on the back of each print.

What is an APS slide?

Product Description. The Matsunami APS™ slide is treated to provide a strong permanent charge to the slide surface. Excellent for routine histology, IHC and cytology preparations. Optimized for use with thermal printers.

Does film go bad if not developed?

No problems at all. Exposed film responds as favourably – recovered film from long-deceased (decades) mountaineers processes just fine. I’m assuming you’ll have money in six to twelve months, just throw them in a drawer.

How do you tell if an APS film has been used?

To know if APS film has been used, look for the four numbers at the top or bottom of the film canister.

  1. If there is a white dot next to “1” , then the film has not yet been exposed.
  2. If there is a white half-circle next to “2”, then the film has been changed mid-roll and is ready to be reloaded into the camera.

Where can I develop film 2021?

Where to Develop Film | The Best Film Processing Services

  • The FINDLab.
  • PhotoVision.
  • Richard Photo Lab.
  • Indie Film Lab.
  • Carmencia Film Lab.
  • UK Film Lab.
  • The Photo Place Inc.
  • North Coast Photographic Services.

How long does film last undeveloped?

Most negative and movie films have an expiration date. This is typically about two years after the month of manufacture, which is actually a “best if used by” date.

What does APS stand for in Cameras?

Advanced Photo System
APS-C Sensor Cameras APS stands for Advanced Photo System. This is a film format that was introduced in 1996, but has since been discontinued. APS film frames measure 16.7 x 30.2mm, but there are three different APS digital image formats: H (high-definition), C (classic) and P (panorama).

How long can you leave exposed film undeveloped?

–Black and white film has the longest longevity. If the exposed film was keep in room temperature conditions, you can get decent prints after the film has been processed 20-30 years later.

Where can I get IX 240 film cartridges?

Where can I get IX 240 Film Cartridges for My Canon Elph C… Customer Question Where can I get IX… Where can I get IX 240 Film Cartridges for My Canon Elph Camera? Submitted:9 years ago. Category: Camera and Video Show More Show Less Ask Your Own Camera and Video Question Share this conversation Answered in 2 minutes by: 9/9/2011

What kind of advance does Canon IX 240 have?

Automatic film advance with built-in motor. Single-frame and continuous advance (2.5 fps) enabled. Different types (film speed, color or B/W) of IX 240 film can be loaded in midroll. The camera reads the IX data to advance to the next unexposed frame.

Is the IX 240 SLR compatible with EF lenses?

This is an IX 240 SLR camera in the EOS line, making it compatible with EF lenses. It also features Eye Control which enables you to select the desired focusing point with your eye. A Multi-BASIS AF sensor (|+|) is used. The focusing point can also be selected manually.

How big is the Canon EOS IX camera?

Type Fully automatic IX 240 focal-plane shutt Frame Counter Two-digit display with 7-segment LCD. Co Autodate Feature Year, month, day; day, hour, minute. IX Data Magnetic head for two-track writing and Dimensions & Weight 132 x 80 x 59 mm, 485 g (with battery)