What kind of bipolar disorder does Stephen Fry have?

Stephen has cyclothymic disorder, a mild form of bipolar where a person has mood swings over a period of years that go from mild depression to euphoria and excitement.

What kind of documentaries does Stephen Fry do?

He has also written and presented several documentary series, including the Emmy Award-winning Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive, which saw him explore his bipolar disorder, and the travel series Stephen Fry in America.

Are there any documentaries about people with bipolar disorder?

This two-part television documentary features British actor and comedian Stephen Fry. It explores the effects of living with bipolar disorder on other celebrities and members of the public. Watch the trailer. This documentary takes us on an abstract, colorful journey into the troubled life of songwriter/artist Daniel Johnston. Watch the trailer.

How old was Stephen Fry when he tried to take his life?

The 62-year-old has publicly addressed his mental health issues in the past, revealing that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 37 and has tried to take his own life on multiple occasions, most recently in 2012. Now, Fry has spoken out about the process of recovery and how he managed to bring “colour” back into his life.

Who is the actor in the bipolar documentary?

Watch the trailer. This two-part television documentary features Stephen Fry, the inimitable British actor, comedian, author, and advocate for both bipolar and LGBTQ communities.

What did Stephen Fry do for a living?

Stephen Fry’s documentary does not aim to cover all aspects of bipolar (it’s diagnosis, assessment and treatment), but to raise awareness of the disorder, explore the complexity of symptoms, and highlight how easily people suffering bipolar are incorrectly diagnosed with depression.

Is the Dark Horse a movie about bipolar disorder?

Potini, who was Maori and lived with bipolar disorder, volunteered to coach a group of disadvantaged youth in competitive chess. The Dark Horse is hailed as “one of the greatest New Zealand films ever made.” Watch the trailer.