How do I find old music videos on YouTube?

To view or delete watch history:

  1. Tap your profile picture Settings .
  2. Select Privacy & location Manage watch history.
  3. To delete videos you’ve watched, tap More above the video, then tap DELETE.

Is there a history on YouTube music?

In YouTube Music, Recent Activity becomes just a carousel in the Library tab, and it adds recently played music videos to the types of content in the list. Neither list shows individual audio tracks, but tapping the Recent activity title in YouTube Music will take you to the complete history of recently played tracks.

How do I search YouTube history by date?

Yes, we can. you can go to History -> History control -> scroll down until you see ” Manage all activity” and then click on it -> so now you can view your history watch video with details date and time.

How can I see deleted history on YouTube?

On your computer, go to your Google Account. On the top left-navigation, click Data & personalization. Under “Activity controls,” click YouTube History, then click Manage activity. Confirm to save your choice.

How far back does YouTube watch history go?

YouTube’s options allow users to set their account to keep history data for 3 months, 18 months, or until they choose to manually delete it.

Can I see how many times I watched a YouTube video?

When users open their account menu, they’ll now see an updated profile that shows the amount of time they’ve viewed videos that day, the previous day, and over the last week.

Can I see my YouTube history from years ago?

To find videos that you’ve watched before, search your watch history. Go to your Watch history. At the top right, go to “Search watch history”.

Where is the video statistics button on YouTube?

In order to view your YouTube Analytics, sign in to your YouTube account and go to your Creator Studio. From there, click into the Analytics tab in the menu on the left of your screen. In order to check which of your videos are performing the best, click on Watch time under Watch time reports.