How many countries participated in 2008 Olympics?

Number of participating countries in the Summer Olympics from 1896 to 2016

Characteristic Number of participating countries
2016 207
2012 204
2008 201
2004 201

When was the last time Olympics were in China?

In 2008 the Olympic Games were held in China for the first time. In the months prior to the Games’ start, a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province, international focus on China’s pollution problems, and protests over China’s human rights record and Tibet became part of the Olympic story.

When was Beijing awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Beijing was awarded the 2008 Games over four competitors on 13 July 2001, having won a majority of votes from members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after two rounds of voting.

Who was on the 2008 Chinese gymnastics team?

These gymnasts were a member of the Chinese gold medal-winning team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This team is similar to the Magnificent 7, as they won their first team title on home soil. Of the team, only Cheng Fei had competed at an Olympic Games before, in Athens.

When did China decide to host the Olympics?

For the PRC leadership and most Chinese, the July 13, 2001 International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcement that Beijing would host the 2008 Olympic Games marked China’s emergence as a major global player.

Where was the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics held?

The 2008 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony concluded the Beijing Games on 24 August 2008. It began at 8:00 pm China Standard Time (UTC+8) and took place at the Beijing National Stadium. The Ceremony included the handover of the Games from Beijing to London.