Where to find the datapad in Mass Effect 2?

In a room with a few Turians and humans sitting around a round table, you’ll find a stray datapad sitting on a box. Pick it up, and you’ll receive this side quest. The contents of the datapad will be intriguing to Aria, since it discusses going after Aria once the Archangel threat is dealt with.

What does ARIA tell Shepard in Mass Effect?

Shepard asks Aria for any general information she may have, but she only tells the Commander not to waste her time and try some other news source elsewhere. She makes it clear to the Commander not to cause trouble; her batarian bodyguard is willing to toss any offender out of the airlock.

What does ARIA say to the turian in Mass Effect 2?

Aria thinks it’s a con job, but ultimately is dismissive of the turian and warns him never to show his face again after doing what he came on Omega to do. She then berates Nyreen for wasting her time with “strays”. “The chances of surviving are… slim.” — Spoilers for Mass Effect 2 follow.

Who is Aria T’Loak in Mass Effect Retribution?

— Spoilers for Mass Effect: Retribution follow. Aria T’Loak is still “Pirate Queen of Omega” three years after Paul Grayson went on the run from Cerberus. Grayson is employed by Aria as a mercenary, taking care of operations such as stealing red sand from a rival gang, the Talons.

What do pirates do in Mass Effect Galaxy?

For the adversary in Mass Effect Galaxy, see Pirate (Galaxy). Pirates operate on many worlds in the lawless Terminus Systems. Some make their living by scavenging from shipping lanes, or running lightning raids on lightly-defended outposts. Often pirates will also be involved in slaving, gun running and many other types of criminal endeavours.

How do you Hack a computer in Mass Effect?

In this mini-game, when the player presses Start Hack, blocks of code generate on the screen. At the top of the interface, players will see the piece of code they need to find and match. As code scrolls up the screen, they will need to move the cursor to different blocks of code using the same controls they use to move Commander Shepard in-game.

Where do you find credits in Mass Effect 2?

As players travel around the different planets across the galaxy in Mass Effect 2, they will come across wall safes, computers, and datapads containing loot and credits. Mass Effect 2 takes place in the distant future, and players once again take the role of Shepard, a human Commanding officer in the Alliance military.