Where is ercol furniture manufactured?

Where is Ercol furniture made? Some of the Ercol furniture collections are made in their custom-built 160,000 square ft factory in the heart of the Chiltern furniture district, Buckinghamshire. The factory is the winner of numerous awards for its architectural design and environmental features.

Is the ercol factory closed?

“Although manufacturing was permitted to continue, with our retail partners closed, we had no option but to temporarily close our factory in Princes Risborough. “With the gradual relaxation of retail restrictions, we have seen a solid return of business.

Where is the best place to sell ercol furniture?

There is a strong market for secondhand Ercol furniture on eBay. I recommend eBay for anyone who wants to buy or sell Ercol. As a buyer you will get the widest choice and the best prices. As as seller you will get the best price.

Is ercol still made in UK?

Where is ercol furniture made? ercol has been designing and manufacturing furniture in Buckinghamshire since its formation 100 years ago in 1920. A British brand, all of our ranges are designed and developed by our in-house design team based in Princes Risborough.

Is ercol made in China?

Ercol financed the new factory by selling its original building in High Wycombe for housing. It could have taken the money and run, stashing it in a tax haven, laying off its 350 workers, and transferring production to Poland or China. The new factory is one strand in Ercol’s strategy to address a changing market.

How can you tell if furniture is ercol?

Ercol furniture can be identified by a label, stamp, or badge, depending on the year that it was made. The pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s would each have a small, square label that is blue and silver. This maker’s mark evolved to the most recent centenary logos which has the Ercol lion.

How do I know if my Ercol is real?

To be sure that the item you’re considering for purchase is authentic, a signal marker of the earliest Ercol pieces (from a date of manufacture circa. early 1950s – mid 1970s) is the characteristic blue-and-silver Ercol label, which is typically small and square.

Why is Ercol so popular?

The furniture-making techniques used by Lucian Ercolani and his sons were revolutionary. The Ercol Windsor and Originals collections are thought to be the most iconic, and the timeless design and quality manufacturing make Ercol furniture still extremely popular with modern-day homeowners.

Is Ercol made in China?

Is Ercol furniture made in China?

How do I know if my G Plan is real?

Look for the unique G Plan markings, of which there were a variety depending on when the item was produced. This will be your best indicator of an authentic piece. The marking would be a golden stamp reading the text ‘E Gomme, High Wycombe’, with a bold EG in the centre.