How can I check my Smart Bro data usage?

Smart Bro subscribers can check their balances by texting BRO BAL to 214. You may have to log in to your Smart Bro device’s dashboard to send a text message.

How much data do I have left Smart?

Smart Prepaid customers can inquire about their remaining text and call capacity by texting or going to the Smart Menu. If you want to check via text, simply send 1515 to 214. You can also dial *214#, and you will be informed of what is left through a text message.

How many Mbps is smart pocket WiFi?

Smart Bro Prepaid Pocket WiFi

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi models
Processor Marvell 1902 Quad Core Marvell 1902 Quad Core
Speeds Up to 42 mbps
Battery Life 2,050 mAH 2,000 mAH
Other Features With LCD screen and device charger

How can I get unlimited data in smart?

How to Register to Smart Unli Data 99 and 299 Promos

  1. Open the GigaLife app and login to your account.
  2. Under “Favorites,” select “UNLI DATA.”
  3. Choose either “UNLI DATA 99” or “UNLI DATA 299.”
  4. Tap the “Subscribe” button to register to the promo.
  5. Wait for the SMS confirmation before using your unlimited data.

Is 400 GB enough for a month?

That gives you 300 hours of watch time on SD and 100 hours on HD. With typical movies lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours each, you can watch somewhere between 50 to 67 movie titles per month or an average of 2 HD movies per night.

Is Smart prepaid WiFi good?

Verdict. The Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi is an excellent choice for light Internet usage. This device is great as a backup for your primary Internet connection especially during times when it suffers slowdowns and frequent disconnections.

How can I monitor my Smart Bro data usage?

To monitor your data usage or to buy add-ons and promos, click Usage Monitoring on your Smart Bro dashboard, or by enrolling your number at the My Smart website. You can also send and receive SMS messages from the Smart Bro dashboard. You can use this to load up your SIM card or subscribe to SurfMax and GigaSurf promos.

How much data does Smart Bro promo give you?

This Smart Bro promo gives you 1GB of open access data and 1GB per day for video streaming (YouTube, iflix, iWant, etc.) for 3 days. Plus you can extend and top up this promo with a Home Boost or Famload subscription.

How does Smart Bro work and what does it do?

Smart Bro is a portable device which acts as a source of internet connection using mobile data. It’s not a wired connection; it’s still wireless and it acts like a wi-fi source. Since it’s still prepaid, it still doesn’t have unlimited access to data.

Which is the best Smart Bro prepaid plan?

The Smart Bro postpaid plan or prepaid subscription that’s best for your online needs. Power up or get more volume with these data add-ons. What is data volume? What can I do with 1 GB of data?