What is Valve trim?

The operating parts of a valve which are normally exposed to the process fluid are referred to as ‘valve trim’. Usually parts like stem, plug, disc, seating surface etc. are called as valve trim. Valve trim is the physical shape of the plug and seat arrangement.

What are different types of control valves?

List of common types of control valveSliding Stem. Globe valve – Type of device for blocking or regulating the flow of fluids. Angle body valve. Angle seat piston valve.Rotary. Butterfly valve. Ball valve.Other. Pinch valve. Diaphragm valve.

What is Valve trim number?

A Valve’s trim performance is determined by the disk and seat interface and the relation of the disk position to the seat. Trim materials may or may not be the same material as the valve body or bonnet. API has standardized trim materials by assigning a unique number to each set of trim materials.

Why are Stellite valves used?

In diesel engines, Stellite faced valves are often used to handle high exhaust temperatures. Stellite may also be used on the intake valves, too. The Stellite coating greatly improves wear resistance at high temperatures.

How Stellite coating is applied?

Tungsten carbide coatings are often applied by a high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) thermal spray process. This process propels coating particles toward the substrate surface at extremely high velocity and they fuse to the surface due to their kinetic energy, rather than an elevated temperature.

What material is a valve made of?

Typical Materials for Ball ValvesBase materialValve bodyStemBronze / BrassBronze (CAC401) Brass (C3771)K metal (C3531) Stainless steelCast ironGray cast iron (FC200)Stainless steelDuctile ironDuctile iron castings (FCD-S)Stainless steel3

Which material is used for engine valve?

The temperature at the inlet valve is less compared to exhaust valve. Thus the inlet valve is generally made of nickel chromium alloy steel and exhaust valve is made of silchrome steel. the engine has one inlet and one exhaust valve.

How do you choose valve material?

The A to Z of Valve MaterialsWithstanding Stresses. Strength in a valve is its ability to withstand the internal stresses generated by containing and controlling the fluid under pressure. Corrosion Resistance. The second major consideration in choosing a valve material is its corrosion resistance. Bodies and Bonnets. Valve Trim.

How many types of engine valves are there?

two different types