Does Hikaru Hitachiin get married?

Hikaru’s seiyuu is married to Haruhi’s seiyuu.

Are Mori and honey in love?

As cousins issued from a feudal line, Mori technically owes fealty to Honey, but the care and respect come naturally to both of them. The cousins know and love each other like honorable samurai, and this love and knowledge is translated as total acceptance of everyone in the Club.

Are Mori and honey together?

It is no secret that Honey and Mori are incredibly close; most scenes in which each appears are shared with the other. The two hosts are cousins by marriage and their families have a long-standing history. Mori is very protective of Honey and feels responsible for each thing that can (and does) go wrong for him.

Which twin has a crush on Haruhi?

Like his twin, Kaoru develops romantic feelings for Haruhi since she is the first person to be able to tell Hikaru and himself apart.

Who are the Hitachiin twins before the host club?

Before the Hitachiin twins joined the Host Club, both Hikaru and Kaoru are socially awkward and inseparable, but gradually, they begin to open up to people. Although their brotherly bond is strong in both the manga and anime series, both storylines end up with the twins seeking greater independence for themselves.

What’s the best theme for a twins birthday?

If you have boy and girl twins, this is a great theme to incorporate both as individuals! 11. Southern Sweetie Pies {Shoes Off Please} ~ This is such a darling party theme idea, the colors, the patterns, and the delicious delights! It’s also a great theme if you’re wanting to host a party for several siblings at once.

Is the Hitachiin twins the same as the Kurusu twins?

The Hitachiin twins share the same birthday as the Kurusu twins (from Uta no Prince-Sama). In the anime episode “Mori-senpai has an Apprentice Candidate,” Hikaru wears a forehead protector like those worn in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Who are the hitachiins in Ouran High School Host Club?

Personality Hikaru and his younger twin, Kaoru, are first introduced when Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club. As the classmates of Haruhi, both Hitachiins are major rivals to Tamaki’s romantic interest for the female Host, which causes a humorous amount of friction between the President and the twins.