Where did the Erfurt School massacre take place?

The Erfurt massacre was a school massacre that occurred on 26 April 2002 at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium, a secondary school, in the Thuringia State capital Erfurt, Germany.

How long did the Erfurt shooting spree last?

Steinhäuser then shot himself, his body being found by police a few hours later. From the first shot to Steinhäuser’s suicide the spree lasted no more than 20 minutes. One and a half hours later, Steinhäuser’s body was found by a special police detachment (SEK) in room 111.

Who was the mayor of Erfurt after the shooting?

Erfurt Mayor Manfred Ruge said he fully believes Heise, but acknowledged the teacher’s rather direct and animated style combined with the vast media coverage had caused resentment in the town. The massacre led to the development of a code word that could be broadcast over the public address system to warn teachers of a shooting.

What was the last words of Steinhauser in the Erfurt massacre?

Steinhäuser’s last words – Für heute reicht’s (“that’s enough for today”) – was also the title of a controversial book about the massacre written by Ines Geipel, who alleged that there were several mistakes made by the police on the case. Geipel, and relatives of some of the victims, criticized police for the initial speed of their response.

The Erfurt massacre was a school massacre that occurred on 26 April 2002 at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in the Thuringia State capital Erfurt, Germany.

Where did Steinhauser go after the Erfurt shooting?

Steinhäuser probably entered the school unmasked at 10:45, carrying his weapons and ammunition in his sports bag or backpack at the time. He went into the men’s toilet on the ground floor and changed some of his clothes, including a black face mask.

What kind of gun was used in the Erfurt shooting?

On the day of the shooting, before leaving his residence at his usual time, Steinhäuser armed himself with a 9mm Glock 17 and a Mossberg 590 Mariner 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, which was unusable due to an earlier handling error.