In which district Bardia National Park is located?

western district
The park located in the far western district of Bardiya, is bordered by the Karnali River in the west, the Churia range in the north, while the Babai River flows right through it.

Where is Bardia National Park in Nepal map?

Bardia is situated near the southern border of the far south west corner of Nepal. Some 968 sq kms make it the largest wilderness reserve on the Terai lowlands that form a transition between the plains of northern India and the outer foothills of the Himalayas.

How do I get from Kathmandu to Bardia National Park?

Getting to Bardia From Kathmandu: Daily buses run from Kathmandu to Mahendrenagar (alight at Ambassa). The bus takes around 15 hours and is a beautiful though long journey as you pass through mountains and forests and then through the mainly flat and rural Terai. Tickets cost from 1200 Nepalese Rupees (approx. US$17).

How many tigers are there in Bardiya National Park?

A tiger monitoring study conducted in Bardia National Park in Nepal’s Terai Arc Landscape has estimated 56 wild tigers, an increase of six from the 2013 estimate for the national park.

Which is the biggest National Park in Nepal?

Shey-phoksundo National Park
Shey-phoksundo National Park is situated in the Trans-Himalayan region of northwest Nepal. It is Nepal’s largest National Park covering an area of 3,555 km2. It was established in 1984 to preserve a unique Trans-Himalayan ecosystem with a diversity of flora and fauna.

Which is the smallest National Park of Nepal?

Rara National Park
Rara National Park is located in the North-Westem high mountains of Nepal . The park was gazetted in 1976 to conserve the unique beauty of Lake Rara, and to protect the representative flora and fauna of the Humla-Jumla region. The park is Nepal’s smallest protected area, comprising an area of 106 sq. km.

How do I get to Bardia National Park?

Bardia National Park is about 87 km far away from Nepalgunj and one can catch a bus that goes Mahendranagar or Dhangadai via Ambassa then change the bus to Thakurdwara for Bardia National Park. The drive takes around 3 hours by public bus.

Is there lion in Nepal?

Nepal has some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world, from small butterflies to wild rhinos and tigers. In fact, this small country has all of the ‘Big Five’ — lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo (if you swap tigers in for lions!).

How many tigers are there in Nepal 2020?

Nepal’s population of endangered Bengal tigers is on the rise. The last tiger census in 2018 estimated there were 235 tigers in the country – up by 94% on the first count of 121 in 2009. The 2018 census found nearly 87 Bengal tigers in Bardia National Park, the country’s largest, up from 18 in 2009.

Which is the youngest National Park of Nepal?

Banke National Park
Banke National Park, recognized by locals as “a Gift to the Earth” for its rich biodiversity and important habitats, was declared in the year 2010 – making it Nepal’s youngest National Park.

Which is the oldest National Park of Nepal?

Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park (CNP), established in 1973, was Nepal’s first National Park.

Which is the oldest National Park in Nepal?

Where is Bardiya National Park in Nepal located?

The park located in the far western district of Bardiya, is bordered by the Karnali River in the west, the Churia range in the north, while the Babai River flows right through it. The national park is covered in vast Sal and riverine forests and tall elephant grass, making it an ideal habitat for many kinds of animals that roam freely.

Which is the longest river in Bardia National Park?

Two major river passes through Bardia National Park; the longest river of Nepal, Karnali and Babai River that bisects the entire park in almost two halves. Bardia National Park is secured from human disruption activities unlike some other parks of Nepal.

When was Royal Bardia wildlife reserve gazetted as National Park?

An area of 368 km 2 (142 sq mi) was set aside as Royal Hunting Reserve in 1969 and gazetted as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve in 1976. In 1982, it was proclaimed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve and extended to include the Babai River Valley in 1984. Finally in 1988, the protected area was gazetted as national park.

How many people live in Bardia National Park?

Nepal’s human population is around 29 million, while India’s is 1.3 billion. Getting to Bardia typically involves taking a local flight into the town of Nepalgunj and then driving 2-3 hours to the park. Want to see fewer ads?