What is the answer to the 9 dot puzzle?

The problem is to connect the dots with no more than 4 straight lines without lifting your hand from the paper. First attempts are always frustrating. For one always comes up with 5 lines instead of 4. The solution lies in the observation that it’s permissible to cross square boundaries.

Can you connect nine dots with four lines?

To solve the problem, you need to join all nine dots by drawing no more than four straight lines. The straight lines must be continuous – i.e. you must not lift your pen from the paper once you start drawing. Don’t read any further until you’ve tried to solve the problem.

How do you solve the nine dot puzzle?

The Nine Dot Puzzle Use a pencil to draw four continuous straight line segments which go through the middle of all 9 dots without taking the pencil off the flat surface of the paper. You cannot fold the paper in any way. This puzzle with its many possible solutions is rich in mathematical concepts and vocabulary. You could

Are there any puzzles in the total brain workout?

This blog is modeled on puzzles that I put together for my recent book, The Total Brain Workout: 450 Puzzles to Sharpen Your Mind, Improve Your Memory & Keep Your Brain Fit, published by Harlequin Books. It will contain one or two puzzles, and (if relevant) the history behind them, to tease your brain and thus keep it fit.

Are there puzzle solutions for wooden and metal brain teasers?

Find listed below puzzle solutions to wooden and metal brain teaser puzzles, we have sold past and present. We have included a picture if you can not remember the name of the puzzle you have. Click on the link to be take to the solution.

What’s the answer to the 4 line puzzle?

Shanu katolkar Genius Answered on 1st May 2016. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. What is the logic behind these ? 3 + 3 = 3 5 + 4 = 4 1 + 0 = 3 2 + 3 = 4