What 11 systems are installed on the kestrel?

“Have 11 systems installed on the Kestrel Cruiser at one time.” The Kestrel Cruiser is missing five systems initially. These systems and their respective Scrap costs are as follows: Teleporter (90), Drone Control (75/85, depending on which Drone it comes with), Cloaking (150), Hacking (80), and Mind Control (75).

How do you beat the Kestrel in FTL?

Tips[edit] Abuse your Burst Laser II and Artemis Missile Launcher to avoid damage in the early sectors. Hit the weapons first, then the shields while they are repairing them. With only three crew, it is recommended you man the cockpit, weapons, and engines.

How do you get layout C Kestrel?

Getting to Sector 8 with the Kestrel Cruiser Type B and Advanced Mode enabled will unlock Layout C. The color scheme of the ship matches that of pirate ships.

What systems is FTL on?

FTL: Faster Than Light
Composer(s) Ben Prunty
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows macOS Linux iOS
Release Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux WW : September 14, 2012 iOS WW : April 3, 2014
Genre(s) Strategy, roguelike

What are the six unique aliens on the kestrel?

“Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.” Humans do count towards this achievement. The 9th crew member counts too (when you get an extra person from an event and have to dismiss someone). Including humans, there are eight different species in the game.

How do you get Type C ships in FTL?

  1. Defeat the Flagship Construction in the Rebel Stronghold sector to unlock this ship.
  2. Earning two of the three Federation Cruiser achievements will unlock layout B.
  3. Reaching Sector 8 with The Federation Cruiser B and Advanced Edition content enabled will unlock Layout C.

How do you unlock red tail in FTL?

How to Unlock the Red-Tail[edit] The Red-Tail layout for the Kestrel is unlocked by completing two achievements in the Kestrel set.

What kind of ship is the Kestrel in FTL?

After a number of refits and updating, this classic ship is ready for battle. The Kestrel is the default cruiser in FTL and the only one available when starting the game. It starts with a crew of three humans, an Artemis missile launcher and a Burst Laser II. It’s the most iconic ship of FTL and it’s fit for many different strategies.

How many systems does a kestrel cruiser have?

Full Arsenal – Have 8 systems and 3 subsystems installed on the Kestrel simultaneously. (This includes the starting systems and subsystems.) Tough Little Ship – As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.

Which is the first ship to be unlocked in FTL?

The Kestrel is the first ship type available to you in FTL, and is unlocked by default. The Kestrel Cruisers are all named after birds. Each Kestrel Cruiser layout has the color scheme of a different faction (Federation, Rebel, Pirate). “This modified Kestrel class ship was created by a laser weapon aficionado.”

Why is the Kestrel such a good weapon?

Many consider the Kestrel great, because you can develop almost any strategy with it. Being weapon-focused, do not hesitate to target the enemy ship Weapon bay directly and improve your shields as first step. Boarding tactics should be left alone, until find stronger alien races, i.e. Mantis or Rock.