Why are people unsubscribing from my newsletter?

Reason #1: You send too many emails According to the research findings, “receiving too many emails” was by far the number one reason people decide to unsubscribe from an email newsletter. Forgetting to communicate your email send frequency in your opt-in form. Sending emails more frequently than you originally promised.

How do you write unsubscribe?

7 ways to create a great unsubscribe message

  1. Remind them of the good old days.
  2. Stay on message.
  3. Be yourself (don’t try to be a form)
  4. Show you care.
  5. Offer alternatives.
  6. Work on engagement.
  7. Keep it simple.

What does unsubscribe from mailing list mean?

Unsubscribe is the action a user takes to opt-out of getting any more emails. The percentage of people who unsubscribe is often displayed as a reporting number on each email campaign you send.

How do you respond to an unsubscribe email?

Nearly half of the people who unsubscribe do so because they’re inundated with too many emails….4 clever ways to handle email unsubscribes

  1. Use humour. Let your subscribers leave with a smile on their face.
  2. Give your customers other ways to keep in touch.
  3. Take a break.
  4. Do nothing at all.

How often do people unsubscribe?

Studies have placed the average unsubscribe rate between 0.19 percent and 0.52 percent per email sent. That means if you have a 2,000-person list, with every email you send, you’ll lose an average of about four to 10 subscribers.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

The top two reasons for subscribing was to learn more about a topic that interests you (36.2%), followed closely by a desire to stay up-to-date on the latest content from a website (35.8%). Email newsletters provide a reminder to visit a site you like when there is new content.

How do you write an unsubscribe link?


  1. Open your email template or your draft campaign.
  2. Highlight the text that will be clickable to the unsubscribe form.
  3. Click on the Insert Link icon.
  4. Use the “Hyperlink Type” drop-down to find the “Unsubscribe” type.
  5. Choose your unsubscribe form in the “Form Name” drop down.

What does it mean if you unsubscribe?

If you unsubscribe from an online service, you send a message saying that you no longer wish to receive that service. [computing]

What is a bad unsubscribe rate?

Generally, an unsubscribe rate below 0.5% is a good unsubscribe rate for an email campaign. A rate below 0.2% typically indicates that you are within the norm and a rate above 0.5% means you have some work to do.

What should be done with users who unsubscribe?

10 ways to manage email unsubscribes

  1. Always give them a chance to opt-out.
  2. Know the unsubscribe laws and follow them.
  3. Let them “opt-down”
  4. Ditch the “log in to unsubscribe” feature.
  5. Avoid the “sorry to see you go message”
  6. The 1-click unsubscribe.
  7. Remind them how they ended up on your list.
  8. Let them update their email address.

Why do people not unsubscribe?

It’s clear there are two main causes of not unsubscribing (but not reading) emails: Waiting for the right offer and the right moment – emotionally engaged. It’s too hard to unsubscribe and it’s easier to ignore the email – emotionally unsubscribed.

How to gain more newsletter subscribers?

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  • and have the link go back to your newsletter.
  • like Tailwind or Boardbooster and you have a constant drip linking to your newsletter.
  • How to keep your newsletter subscribers engaged?

    so any unclear points raised in the emails should be clarified as soon as possible.

  • I was so intent on generating more traffic to my blog and social media
  • Resend Your Email to Unopeners.
  • How to get new subscribers for my newsletter?

    the more subscribers you’ll get.

  • Put a subscription box on every page of your website. Most businesses have only one door through which the public can enter.
  • Ask people to subscribe to your email list when they complete a purchase.
  • How to increase your newsletter subscriptions?

    consider these two questions; What is this newsletter accomplishing and to whom is it targeted?

  • Sign Up Form. Determine where you want to locate your newsletter sign up form.
  • Incentivize. Incentives are great ways to increase newsletter subscriptions.
  • Utilize Pop-Ups.
  • Test Accordingly.