What is Pgba insurance?

PGBA, LLC (PGBA) is the Health Net Federal Services, LLC claims subcontractor for the TRICARE West Region.

What states are covered by Palmetto GBA?

Palmetto GBA is the home health and hospice Medicare Administrative Contractor (HHH MAC) for home health and hospice providers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

What is Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators?

The CM – Palmetto Government Benefit Administrator (CM-PGBA) system is a collection of systems that are processed in the CM-PGBA data center with the purpose of paying providers (doctors and hospitals) for their services. CM-PGBA receives Medicare Fee-For-Service claims that originate with providers.

What Medicare jurisdiction is North Carolina?

PART A & B – Jurisdiction M: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Jurisdiction J: Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee (Please Note: Effective September 7, 2017, Jurisdiction J transitioned from Cahaba GBA to Palmetto GBA).

What does Pgba mean?


Acronym Definition
PGBA Plant Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus (biology)
PGBA Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators (TRICARE)
PGBA Punta Gorda Business Alliance (Florida)
PGBA Product Grants and Benefits Administration Act 2000 (Australia)

Why is railroad Medicare different?

A: The only difference is that retired railroad beneficiaries have their Part B benefits administered by the Palmetto GBA Railroad Retirement Board Specialty Medicare Administrative Contractor (RRB SMAC) regardless of where they live. Members should be certain to advise providers of this when they receive treatment.

What is Palmetto GBA Railroad Medicare?

About Railroad Medicare Palmetto GBA is the Railroad Specialty Medicare Administrative Contractor (RRB SMAC) and processes Part B claims for Railroad Retirement beneficiaries nationwide.

What is the name of North Carolina’s Mac?

North Carolina Military Affairs Commission
North Carolina Military Affairs Commission (NC MAC)

What Medicare Mac Is North Carolina?

North Carolina is in MAC Region 11 (J11).

What kind of work does PGBA do for the government?

Since 1981, PGBA has specialized in serving the administrative needs of government health plans. Our portfolio features state and federal contracts — including claims and customer support for military, veterans’ programs, Medicare, Medicaid and correctional care.

What does PGBA stand for in Healthcare category?

We draw from extensive past performance in healthcare administrative services to strengthen processes throughout government and industry.

Who are the members of the ncpba?

The NCPBA was proud to be on hand today as HB 348 passed the House by a 115-1 vote. HB 348 as originally filed by Rep. Holly Grange, Rep. Debra Conrad, Representative Bobby Hanig, and Rep. Billy Richardson offered protections from retaliation for municipal police officers who report corruption.

Who is Palmetto GBA and what do they do?

Palmetto GBA is one of the nation’s largest providers of high volume claims and transaction processing, contact center operations and technical services to the federal government and other commercial customers.