What size tank do I need for Malawi cichlids?

They require a tank temperature of 23-28 degrees and a PH of 7.8-8.6. They will require a tank of at least 90 litres in size for a pair or small group, they require a rocky terrain with lots of caves to hide within, coral gravel is often used to raise PH as well as adding Malawi salts.

What can I put in a tank with African cichlids?

African Red-Eyed Tetra Their water parameters are about the same, and this alone makes them good tank mates. They aren’t picky eaters and you can feed both Cichlids and Tetras the same kind of food. Frozen food, algae, and flakes are all acceptable for them to eat.

How many cichlids are in a Malawi tank?

No other aquarium is capable of holding as many different species of fish per volume as a Malawi cichlid tank. An average mbuna community could hold 30 different species — a large tank 50 or more.

How many Malawi cichlids can I put in a 30 gallon tank?

How Many African Cichlids Can You Put in A 30-Gallon Tank? Given the rule above, you can have anywhere from four (4) medium-sized cichlid like the peacock, to six (6) dwarf African cichlids in a 30-gallon tank.

What do cichlids need in a tank?

African cichlids need a water temperature of 75-85°F and a pH of 7.8-8.6 should keep most species healthy. Africa’s great lakes have quite hard water, 4-6 dH, so try not to use soft water in your tank. Moderate lighting is fine for them.

What kind of plants can I put in my Malawi cichlid tank?

Plants in the Malawi Cichlid aquarium can work but be aware that most Malawi cichlids are diggers and occasionally will taste plants, especially if those cichlids are in the mbuna group. Plants that usually do well in African tanks are Valisneria, Anubias and Java fern.

Why are there so many cichlids in Lake Malawi?

Proteins from mammals can cause a condition known as ‘Malawi bloat’ in these fish. These plants do well with it: None. They are very likely to eat / tear up the plants. Will do well with these tank mates: The aggressive ones should be kept with other aggressive Lake Malawi Cichlids.

Where can I find a cichlid tank in Africa?

Mixed African Cichlid tank – Corals/Plants – none – Mixed African Cichlid tank, 6 fe… astronomy-to-zoology: Demasoni Cichlid (Pseudotropheus demasoni) “ … is a rare species of cichlid native to Tanzania. This species suffers from limited habitat and is only found in Lake Malawi and…

Is it OK to put Wood in a cichlid aquarium?

The disadvantage of wood in the Malawi cichlid aquarium is that real wood tends to lower pH, which is the opposite of what is desired. However, if there is enough buffering material in the aquarium, the wood�s effects will be minimal.