What is an SPM valve?

Sub Plate Mounted (SPM) valves are 3-way, 2-position fluid control valves. SPM valves are used throughout National Oilwell Varco (NOV) control systems to direct hydraulic fluid within hydraulic circuits. RCX Lo-Shok SPM valves utilize improved materials and are designed to reduce hydraulic shock (water hammer).

How does an SPM valve work?

Power fluid pressure, which is permanently present, also assists in keeping the valve closed by acting on a small piston area on the spindle. In this position fluid from the valve’s associated operating piston is vented through the sliding piston at ambient conditions.

How much does a 3 plug valve weight?

1502 Low Torque Plug Valves Details

2″ 1502 131 LBS
3″ 1502 208 LBS
3″ 1502 569 LBS
3″ 1502 274 LBS

What does SPM stand for?


Acronym Definition
SPM Sales Performance Management (software)
SPM Suspended Particulate Matter
SPM System Power Management
SPM Spectrum Peripheral Module

What is the function of shuttle valve?

A shuttle valve is a type of valve which allows fluid to flow through it from one of two sources. Generally a shuttle valve is used in pneumatic systems, although sometimes it will be found in hydraulic systems.

How much does a 2 inch plug valve weight?

1502 Plug Valves Details

2″ 1502 76 LBS
2″ 1502 95 LBS
2″ 1502 76 LBS
2″ 1502 95 LBS

How much does a 2 plug valve weight?

TSI Manual Plug Valve Dimensions, Weight & Flow Rate Chart

Size x Connections A Weight
2” x 2” LP Female x Female 8.56” 81 lbs.
2” x 2” 1502 Female x Male 13.87” 92 lbs.
3” x 3” 1502 Female x Male 17.69” 203 lbs.
3” x 3” DC15 Female x Male 18.50” 228 lbs.

What is SPM in medicine?

SPM Stands For : scapuloperoneal myopathy | second primary malignancy | social and preventive medicine | Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine | spatiotemporal population map | spontaeous pneumomediastinum | statistical parametric map | synaptic plasma membrane | synaptosomal plasma membrane | syncytiotrophoblast plasma …

What was SPM called before?

After two years of upper secondary education, students sit for the public common examination Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, SPM (also known as the Malaysian Certificate of Education).

Which valve is known as memory valve?

Double pilot signal valve or memory valve – Hydraulics & Pneumatics.