Are intensive driving courses cheaper?

However, learning to drive intensively can be cheaper in the long run as you are less likely to forget the skills learned from one lesson to the next. Driving schools tend to offer cheaper rates for intensive courses too.

How much is an all intensive driving course UK?

How much do intensive driving courses cost? Prices will vary by provider but a course of intensive driving lessons typically costs in the region of £1000. That might sound like a lot, but the average driving lesson is £24 and the average learner will need around 47 hours before passing their test.

Are Driving lessons allowed in Leicester?

Driving lessons are allowed in lockdown Leicester – but only if you are a key worker. Leicester and parts of the county have been in a local lockdown while the rest of the UK saw rules eased on July 4. One restriction that was lifted for the rest of the UK was the ability to take a driving lesson.

Is a crash course better than lessons?

An intensive driving course is a good idea if you’re short on time for whatever reason, but taking traditional lessons will probably serve you better in the long run – it trains you to remember what you’ve learned for more than a few days at a time, better prepares you for different type of road and weather conditions.

How long is the 10 day driving course in Leicester?

Both our 7-day and 10-day crash courses include your theory and practical tests, with a guaranteed re-test if you don’t pass the first time of trying. To begin your intensive driving course in Leicester, book your lessons online and select ‘intensive courses’ from the drop-down menu.

Are there any intensive driving courses in the UK?

National Intensive is one of the largest providers of intensive driving courses from your home, in the UK. We booked in over 10,000 courses last year, for people just like you!

Where can I take a 30 Hour driving course?

Driving Innovation offers a number of driving crash courses delivered by verified local instructors – including 12, 20, 30 or 40 hour courses – just click the links below: Choose from either a 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 day intensive driving course almost anywhere in Leicester, Hinckley, Oadby, Wigston, Great Glen or Kibworth.

Where can I get a driving licence in Leicester?

Leicester is also located near the M1, supporting you if it will be your first time driving on a motorway. No matter your age or ability, Acclaim Driving will equip you with all the skills required to pass the DVSA driving test and obtain your full UK driving licence.