Can you complete ascension?

The remastered version of Ascension still contains its Easter egg mission. You must have four players in the game to complete this Easter egg. You cannot complete it while playing solo.

Can you get double tap on Ascension?

Double Tap can be acquired on Ascension by completing the Casimir Mechanism Easter Egg, which grants all players all perks, with the bonus of Double Tap.

Where are the 3 landers in Ascension?

They are located: In the spawning room, on the first floor, on the right coming from the stairs, on a barel. Right above a gobblegum machine, on the right of the corridor, after Speed Cola. Behind a grid, on the left of the Moon Landing pad, after Stamin-up.

What does Ascension Easter Egg do?

The overall goal for the Easter Egg is to repair the mechanism so that a distressed Gersch can be freed from Samantha. You will hear him pleading with you as soon as you start the map.

What Perk machines are on Ascension?


  • Quick Revive.
  • Speed Cola.
  • Jugger-Nog.
  • PhD Flopper.
  • Stamin-Up.

Can you turn off monkeys on Ascension?

Using gum you could just use nuked. The monkeys jump in front of the claymores to set them off. They don’t kill them, just slows them down.

Where does Ascension take place in Call of Duty?

First released in the First Strike map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, the map takes place in an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome in the Soviet Union. The map introduces some new components to the Zombies mode, including Space Monkeys, which replace Hellhounds from the previous maps, and the first easter egg quest .

How do you get to Ascension in Black Ops 3?

The only other means of transportation within Ascension is through the Lunar Lander system which can take players to various areas around the map. Note: Accessing the Lunar Lander system yourself will cost 250 pints.

Where do you find the power switch in Ascension?

Ascension takes place in a Russian Space Station at night. The map will be in black and white until you turn on the power. You can find the Power Switch on the top floor of the main building. You start of the game at the bottom floor of the main building. Along with Zombies are special enemies called “Space Monkeys.”.

Where do you find the mystery box in Ascension?

After a few uses, the Mystery Box will move to a new location on the map. Look at the TV near the Mystery Box spawn locations to see the location the Mystery Box is currently at. Two new weapons are added to the Mystery Box. The weapons are called The Gersch Device and Matryoshka Dolls.