What are some of the best Madhubala songs?

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What kind of magazine did Madhubala appear in?

Madhubala’s unique allure was known worldwide–she had been featured in many American magazines including LIFE magazine whose rare photographs are featured in this post.

Why did Madhubala perform in heavy metal chains?

Director K. Asif actually made Madhubala perform in heavy, burdensome metal chains that weighed the actress down and cut into her skin. Her exhaustion and despair that you can see in the song are real–for a patient with VSD, such an amount of physical exertion truly mimicked the torture of her Mughal character.

How old was Madhubala when she starred in Mahal?

In the words of her famous character from Mahal in which she starred at the age of 16: “ Mai.N vehm nahii.N hoo.N, haqeeqat .” [“I am not an apparition, I am reality.”] For fans of Madhubala all over, her words proved true only for a short while.

Who is the actress with the stage name Madhubala?

Indian actress. Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi (born 14 February 1933 – 23 February 1969), better known by her stage name Madhubala, was an Indian film actress who appeared in Hindi films.

Who is the singer of Suhani Raat chuki in Madhubala?

After Mahal, Dulari was released in the same year and had Madhubala with Geeta Bali, Shyam, Jayant and Suresh. The film has the hit song “Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki” sung by Mohammed Rafi and featuring Suresh.

How many children did Madhubala Begum Dehlavi have?

Madhubala was born Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi to Ataullah Khan and Meher Jahan Begum on 14 February 1933 in Delhi, India. She was the fifth of eleven children, however, only four of her siblings survived to adulthood.