What is the best Bible name for boy?

Best Biblical Baby Boy Names with Meanings

  • Aaron.
  • Abana.
  • Abdiel.
  • Aquila.
  • Baruch.
  • Benjamin.
  • Bartholomew.
  • Caleb.

What is the best biblical name?

Along with Elizabeth and Jacob, other biblical baby names in the US Top 50 include James, Benjamin, Abigail, Samuel, Elijah, Hannah, Caleb, and Leah. Soft biblical names for boys are back in fashion — Ezra, Asher, Eli, and Jonah are among today’s favorites.

What are God boy names?

Greek Mythology Boy Names (Greek God Names)

  • Abraxas. Abraxas is a mystical word composed of Greek letters.
  • Achilles. Achilles means “thin-lipped” and was the name of one of the most famous Greek heroes.
  • Adonis. Adonis translates to “lord” in Greek.
  • Ajax.
  • Apollo.
  • Argo.
  • Ares.
  • Atlas.

What are some meaningful baby boy names?

Meaningful Names For Baby Boys. Aaron: Hebrew – Enlightened. Aiden: Celtic – The sun god; fiery. Alexander: Greek – Defender of men. Amell: German – Power of an eagle.

What are some unique Christian baby boy names?

Best Biblical Baby Boy Names with Meanings Aaron. The list of modern Biblical names for your little prince begins with Aaron. Abagtha. Are you looking for an uncommon Biblical name for your boy? Abana. A lot of people confuse this name for a girl. Abdiel. If you are an ardent follower of the bible, you would have come across this beautiful name. Aquila. Baruch. Benjamin. Bartholomew. Bethuel. Caleb.

What are some strong biblical boy names?

Bible names for boys have dominated the US popularity list for its entire history, with Biblical names Jacob and Noah taking the top spot for nearly twenty years until recently, when Liam took over. Along with Noah and Jacob, other Bible baby names in the Top 25 for boys include James, Benjamin, Elijah, Lucas, Ethan, Samuel, and David.

What are some uncommon boy names?

Pick one of these uncommon baby boy names. Atlas. Aziel. Finlay. Kenji. Hernan. Marcellus. Maynard. Storm.