Can pristiq cause weight gain?

People taking Pristiq in a long-term study had an average weight gain of less than 2.2 pounds. The same result was seen in people taking a placebo during the study. Overall, the review found that less than 1% of people taking Pristiq during clinical studies had a significant change in their weight.

Can Pristiq be taken with Effexor?

Pristiq or Effexor should not be taken with other medications that increase serotonin levels, like other SNRI or SSRI antidepressants, triptans for migraines, and opioids, for the same reason.

Does Effexor make it hard to lose weight?

This form of anorexia is caused by a loss or decrease in appetite and is one of the most common side effects of taking Effexor. While just 8 percent of those taking Effexor for depression experienced anorexia compared to 20 percent in those taking it for social anxiety disorder, the effect is still alarming.

Does venlafaxine affect weight?

A large proportion of patients treated with paroxetine, mirtazapine, and other antidepressants, such as venlafaxine (EFFEXOR®, EFFEXOR XR®), gain a significant amount of weight.

Is pristiq good for anxiety?

Norepinephrine is connected to the fight-or-flight response, which is the way you react to stress and anxiety. Pristiq can help bring equilibrium to these two neurotransmitters, leading to reduced anxiety, less severe panic attacks, and enhanced mood.

Is weight gain a side effect of desvenlafaxine?

In the short-term studies, the incidence of PCI weight changes was approximately 3% among desvenlafaxine-treated patients (0.8% weight gain, 2.1% weight loss) and 2% in the placebo group (1.0% weight gain, 0.7% weight loss; Table 3).

What should you not take with Pristiq?

Taking MAO inhibitors with this medication may cause a serious (possibly fatal) drug interaction. Avoid taking MAO inhibitors (isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, safinamide, selegiline, tranylcypromine) during treatment with this medication.

Has anyone gained weight on Effexor?

Clinical trials have shown that Effexor is commonly associated with weight gain. In one study, more than 55 percent of patients using newer antidepressants, including Effexor, gained weight over the course of treatment that lasted between 6 and 36 months.

Is it normal to gain weight after taking Effexor?

Yes, like other SNRI antidepressants, it can often cause an increase in mass after long-term use. Some patients can experience Effexor weight gain within ten weeks of starting medical treatment, while others do it on a more long-term basis. Patients who experience it in the short term usually lose weight after the drug is discontinued.

Is it possible to gain weight while taking Pristiq?

Although most evidence does suggest that the drug is weight neutral, it should be noted that some individuals will still likely gain weight from taking Pristiq. There are some other factors that you should keep in mind if you experience weight gain or loss while taking Pristiq.

When do you lose weight on Effexor venlafaxine?

Venlafaxine, like other SNRIs, often leads to weight gain after long term use. Some patients gain weight within 10 weeks of starting treatment, while others do it on a more long term basis. Patients who gain weight on Effexor in the short-term see the weight loss after the drug is discontinued.

What’s the difference between Pristiq and venlafaxine?

This drug is considered very similar to the drug Effexor (Venlafaxine) – most consider it as being an “updated version.” Pristiq contains the active metabolite of Effexor and thus is relatively similar in its effects. The major difference between the two drugs is that Pristiq increases norepinephrine at nearly 3 times the amount of Effexor.