How do I prepare for Pebc?

PEBC Exam Preparation

  1. Read the thoroughly – it sets out the rules you need to follow to complete the exam.
  2. Buy the latest version of CPR (comprehensive Pharmacy review), see the image to the right.
  3. The PEBC does not intend to test you on your ability to regurgitate facts but how you can problem-solve.

How difficult is Pebc?

Although it is claimed as Confirmatory type of exam, its structure and pattern is more wide and complicated, and answers are very close and confusing,and each question due to 5 options is equivalent to 5 questions. due to which 80% students are unable to pass this exam.

How many attempts do you get at Pebc?

three attempts
Candidates are permitted three attempts at a PEBC examination, after which they are required to complete remediation prior to a fourth (final) attempt.

What is PEBC evaluating exam?

This certification is granted by the PEBC to those who successfully complete the PEBC Qualifying Examination – Part I (MCQ) and Part II (OSCE). The Board is responsible for: assessing the qualifications of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on behalf of provincial pharmacy regulatory authorities.

How long is the PEBC exam?

4.25 hours
The Pharmacist Evaluating Examination is now a single day exam that is administered through a computer. The sitting (examination period) is 4.25 hours long in length.

What does Pebc stand for?


Acronym Definition
PEBC Program in Evidence-Based Care
PEBC Public Education and Business Coalition
PEBC Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
PEBC Post-Employment Benefits Commission (California)

What happens if you fail PEBC?

If you fail your fourth(final) attempt at either part of the Qualifying Examination, you will not be permitted to retake the Qualifying Examination and therefore cannot proceed further toward Board certification. You are not permitted to attempt the PEBC certification process more than once.

What grade do you need to pass PEBC?

If you achieve at least 60% of the total possible score (200), you will be awarded pass standing.

Who can apply for PEBC?

The PEBC must evaluate certain documents to ensure you have a degree in Pharmacy that is acceptable to the PEBC. The minimum requirement is a four-year undergraduate degree in pharmacy. If your documents are favourably evaluated, you must then take the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination.

What happens if you fail Pebc?

What are OSCE skills?

The definition of an OSCE An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a type of examination often used in health sciences. It is designed to test clinical skill performance and competence in a range of skills. It is a practical, real-world approach to learning and assessment.

Is there a prep course for PEBC MCQ and OSCE?

PharmaFree Preparatory course for both parts of PEBC Qualifying Exam (MCQ & OSCE) is considered, from so many different aspects, on the other extremity of any other course offered for the same purpose. Literally!

Which is the best prep school for the OSCE exam?

PharmAchieve is the leading provider of preparatory courses for the PEBC ® OSCE exam. We have trained 7000+ candidates for the OSCE exam – more than any other organization.

Are there any continuing education courses for PEBC?

PharmAchieve is a Canadian government-certified institution that offers PEBC® prep courses (EE, MCQ, OSCE) and accredited continuing education courses. We train more than 5,450 pharmacists each year. We are the exclusive training/certification provider for TELUS Kroll®.

Is there a Super Crash Course for PEBC?

*long term course include one full day simulated mock exam, additional mock exams can be taken with additional fee. Online students require additional fee for online students. Super crash course include 3 consecutive simulated mocks exams. ***Unlimited Free Repeat Policy valid for 5 years from date of your enrolment in our course.