What engine is in a 2007 Mini?

The 2007 MINI Cooper comes standard with a four-cylinder 118-horsepower engine. Available transmissions are a six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic.

Do Mini Coopers have engine problems?

The common Mini Cooper problems And while most of these vehicles tend to be reliable, for owners of those model year cars, engine problems, cooling issues, and even electrical failures were common.

Can you fit a V8 in a Mini Cooper?

Amusingly called Vini, the V8-powered Mini started life as a 2007 Cooper S. The V8 fits surprisingly well in the Mini’s engine bay, and it keeps the car’s weight distribution in check.

Can I LS swap a Mini Cooper?

LS engines work well and can be modified in more ways than one, and you can use it in just about every car you could think of. Just like this Mini Cooper – not the kind-of-mini Minis these days, but the really small ones from before. Yes, probably the same one that Mr. Bean used to drive.

What’s the biggest engine you can fit in a Mini Cooper?

The 7 litre V8 engine in that yellow drag mini is the biggest I know of.

Where can I get a 2007 MINI Cooper?

The contact owns a 2007 MINICooper S. the contact stated that there was a catastrophic engine failure without warning. The vehicle was unable to be driven and was towed to braman MINIof palm beach (2815 okeechobee blvd, West palm beach, fl 33409, (561) 257-4774).

What kind of oil does a Mini Cooper use?

High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 is the recommended choice of oil for MINI Cooper owners. This is the standard type of oil that BMW puts into the car at the factory once it is completed. This is also the type recommended in the owners manual for use with your MINI Cooper.

How many miles can you put on a Mini Cooper?

It is not uncommon for MINI drivers to put over 300,000 miles on their car before a rebuild or replacement becomes necessary. A vintage MINI’s original one may only last for around 100,000 miles, but a new replacement should last much longer.

When was the first Mini Cooper engine made?

BMW designs and manufactures the ones made for MINIs produced from 2000 on. Models made from 1959 to 2000 were made by the British Motor Corporation, or BMC for short. These versions were created based on the original designs of John Cooper. What oil type is used in a MINI Cooper engine?