Is the spirit folio professional audio mixer still available?

This product is no longer available but if you do require information on this product, you can request it via our online enquiry form stating your requirements and contact details. Have a Question?

How did the Soundcraft spirit folio channel start?

Our channel was born from a labor of love more than 10 years ago, it started out with a single video of a Parachute jump, then with a beat up $100 videocam, videos of travelling in Europe were shared…

What kind of Eq does spirit folio SX have?

In the EQ section, the classic British 3-band EQ with swept mid benefits for custom designed pots which give greater control across carefully chosen frequencies. There are 2 auxiliary sends, 2 of which can be assigned pre- or post-fader making them equally useful for monitor-heavy live mixes or effects-heavy recording.

How many inputs does a spirit SX mixer have?

Spirit SX is a flexible 4-bus mixer capable of producing Digital sound quality for both live and recording applications. It includes 20 inputs as standard and 18 outputs (including Auxs and Direct Outs). In addition to mix outs, two sub-buses allow groups of instruments to be sent to multitrack, to additional speakers, or sub-grouped to mix.

How many inputs does the Soundcraft spirit folio have?

Check out the features below: 14 inputs (10 mic level. Two stereo line level) 14 outputsincluding 6 aux& 10 direct outputs* 10 mono channelsw/high-quality UltraMic™ pre-amps* 4 stereo inputs* 4-busarchitecture.

How many mics are in a spirit FX 16?

It features a specially designed 16 program Lexicon Effects Section with dual effect capability (including Chorus and Reverb, Chorus and Delay , and Reverb and Delay) and fully editable and storable programs and parameters. The console itself includes 16 mic/line inputs and 26 inputs to mix in total (including FX returns and tape return to mix).