How do you start a snowmobile with electric start?

On an electric snowmobile, turn the key to the “Start” position and listen to the engine purr. Release the choke once the engine is running smoothly. For a manual machine, pull out the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance, and then pull it firmly, as you would with a lawn mower.

How does a snowmobile starter work?

To take the electric starter off, simply unbolt the starter, and take out the battery. The electric starter is hooked to a gear, which, when you turn the key over, the sylenoid pushes the gear into another gear which is hooked to the flywheel ( or your crank ) and spins the motor over. Easy to take out and put in.

How much does it cost to add electric start to a snowmobile?

Depends on how much work you are doing. Might be able to find a “kit” someone is selling on eBay for around $200-250 without the battery. And then if you cannot do it yourself, probably about 1-2 hours labor. (between $50-$250 extra).

Can you start a snowmobile without a belt?

If you do run without the belt, you have to be very careful not to rev the engine up too quickly (if at all). Avoid running the RPM to where the primary sheaves start to engage. Without the belt in place, the sheaves can slam together hard enough to shatter, which can turn your primary clutch into a grenade.

Can you jump start a snowmobile?

You can operate a snowmobile without a battery. Some snowmobiles have a pull start, and others can be jump started even with a dead battery. Try replacing the dead battery as soon as possible.

Are there any problems with the Ski Doo snowmobile?

There is debate about how wide spread the problem is, but even Ski-doo is beginning to admit there is a problem. There seems to be a solution with an aftermarket kit, but it will void the warranty, so some are reluctant to install. Alot a guys said that they would put up with the problem because the ride is just that good.

When was the last time I started my Ski Doo?

Give me some more to go on if you don’t mind. Thanks.No beeps, but the beeps come after hitting the start button. Last time I started the sleds was Jan. or Feb. They have been sitting in an enclosed trailer and backed inside a building.

Why does my Ski Doo SDI keep beeping?

Changed the plugs, Battery is fully charged, 3 gallons of 93 Octane fuel and…. It still beeps once a second even when not pulling and the brake light flashes. Pulled the fuse near the battery, primed it re-set the DESS. again nothing.

Why does my Selenoid Ski Doo not start?

Never had any troubles. I have swaped batteries, a relay, fuses and selenoid from one sled to other and nothing. I took a test light from battery ground to orange/black stripe wire on selenoid and hit start button and it turned over.