Where are sc2 hotkeys stored?

Hotkeys are stored in the account profile folder in your Windows My Documents folder.

How do you pause StarCraft?

The pause/break key on the upper right corner of a keyboard instantly pauses/unpauses the game. Hopefully this tip will save some players ~0.2 seconds everytime they need to pause.

How do you select all units in StarCraft 1?

Hold down Alt and click on one unit from an earlier assigned group to select all units of that group.

How do you select all idle workers?

Idle harvesters (unless they are at a watch tower) show up in the lower left corner as a button. Select one with F1 or all with Ctrl + F1. Hold shift to append these workers to your present selection one by one, or ctrl-click the idle worker button to select all idle workers.

How do you Unpause Dance Central?

You press and hold the home button on the oculus rift S left controller to unpause the game.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for StarCraft Remastered?

Ctrl+Alt+F (StarCraft: Remastered) Toggle whether to display logical number of frames per second (FPS) Ctrl+Alt+T in multiplayer (StarCraft: Remastered) Toggle whether to display turn rate (TR) Ctrl+R Toggle multiplayer ranking mode if game type is Use Map Settings (UMS) Ctrl+Q, Alt+Q Quit Mission Ctrl+X, Alt+X Exit Game Enter Message prompt

What’s the best way to use a hotkey in StarCraft?

Ctrl+Alt+F – Toggle whether to display logical number of frames per second ( StarCraft: Remastered) Combinations of some hotkeys are possible – for example, Ctrl+Shift+Click on a unit adds that unit and others of the same type on the screen to the current selection.

How to create control groups in Starcraft 2?

In StarCraft II the number keys at the top of your keyboard can be used to create up to 10 groups of units and/or buildings in order to quickly select multiple items. To create a control group and assign a hotkey to select it: Ctrl + left-click a unit to select all of those types of units in the main window

How to turn on sound in StarCraft Remastered?

Global 1 F5 – Toggle remastered graphics ( StarCraft: Remastered) 2 Ctrl+M – Toggle music 3 Ctrl+S – Toggle sound 4 Alt+Enter – Switch between windowed-fullscreen and windowed