How do electives work UTS?

If your course allows open electives, then you may select undergraduate subjects from across the university, including subjects offered by UTS: International Studies. To be able to enrol into cross-faculty electives you must meet any prerequisites put in place by the owning faculty.

Can I choose any elective UTS?

You can choose between undertaking related subjects across the other majors within the Bachelor of Management, undertake electives from almost anywhere across UTS, or spend a session on exchange with one of our partner institutions overseas.

How many tutorials can you miss UTS?

This means you can only miss one tutorial.

What is a block subject UTS?

For any subject that you study at UTS, one or more attendance modes may be available, depending on teaching session and campus location. Attendance modes include: Block mode: involves an intensive period of study, in classes scheduled over one or more weeks of the teaching period.

What can I study at UTS?

Courses include:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Science.
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Physics.
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science.
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology.
  • Bachelor of Environmental Biology.
  • Bachelor of Forensic Science.
  • Bachelor of Marine Biology.
  • Bachelor of Medical Science.

Where is UTS subject outline?

Once you are enrolled in a subject, you can access your subject outline via your subject site from one week before the start of session. All postgraduate subjects and most undergraduate subjects are now in Canvas.

How do I enroll in UTS subjects?

In the ‘Subjects’ tab, go to ‘Enrol/Plan subjects’ Using the recommended sequence for your course (use the UTS Handbook entry for the year you started), select subjects for the Autumn, Spring and Summer (optional) sessions. After you’ve selected all of your subjects, click ‘enrol’, then ‘confirm enrolment’

How many sessions does UTS have?

Teaching periods There are three primary teaching sessions in the UTS academic year: Autumn, Spring and Summer. Some subjects are offered in block or intensive mode in the shorter teaching periods (e.g. February session).

Can I get into UTS without an ATAR?

Unfortunately not, to be eligible to receive adjustment points under any UTS admission scheme, you need to have a minimum ATAR (or equivalent) of 69.00. Check out our admission pathways so that you can reapply in the future with a more competitive application.

What do you need to know about the UTS Handbook?

Handbook 2020. The UTS Handbook is the authoritative source of information on approved courses and subjects offered at UTS. It includes important information for all UTS students, information for students studying within each faculty, and comprehensive details about course content and structure, subject and elective choices, attendance patterns,…

What are the electives at University of Technology Sydney?

The Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation (FTDi) offers elective subjects open to any UTS undergraduate student that encompass high-level critical and creative thinking, problem solving, data and digital technologies, invention, complexity, innovation, future scenario building and entrepreneurship.

What are the responsibilities of a UTS student?

As a UTS student, you are responsible for self-managing your continued enrolment in your course. Make sure that you regularly check that your personal and contact details are up to date on My Student Admin, and that your study plan is correct. Every student has a study plan.

Is there a time limit for UTS courses?

Students are required to complete course requirements within an approved maximum time limit. The maximum time to complete a course is generally calculated as no more than (50) per cent longer than the normal completion time for the course. Can I study at another university and have the subjects credited to my current UTS degree?