Is Bart Baker still making parodies?

He reached notoriety by creating parodies of popular American pop songs. But he no longer posts videos to YouTube. Now he churns out content for Chinese social media apps like Kwai and Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok).

What is Bart Baker net worth?

Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Bartholemew Baker (born May 5, 1986), is an American entertainer, web-based comedian, video producer, singer, rapper, and parody artist. He is best known for making parody videos of notable songs, which he would post on his YouTube channel….Movies.

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FML 2016 Swagg

What happened Bart Baker 2020?

Bart Baker Says He’s Quitting YouTube, Moving To China To Pursue Social Superstardom. Then, after producing only a handful of videos, Baker had amassed millions of followers on the platform, which is called Kwai — where he livestreams chat and music sessions with his fans.

Where does Bart Baker live now?

Baker explained that he’s been living in Shanghai for two years and started uploading singing videos on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. “I gained 10 million followers within a month and it turned into this whole thing. I have about 25 million followers now. It’s been an amazing experience,” he said.

Is Bart Baker rich?

Bart Baker net worth: Bart Baker is an American song parody writer and performer who has a net worth of $2 million. Bart Baker is best known for his YouTube videos.

Is TikTok based in China?

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, one of the most influential companies in China. Ten months ago, President Trump’s administration dubbed TikTok a national-security threat. In its current form, ByteDance is very much a Chinese-owned entity.

Will Bart Baker come back to YouTube?

Now, after posting his first YouTube video in more than three years, Baker announced that he’s returned to the platform, explained what he’s been up to all this time, and told fans the reason why he wanted to come back. YouTube: Bart Baker Bart Baker is finally back after a three-year-long YouTube hiatus.

What ever happened to Bart Baker?

Who is Bart Baker and what does he do?

Bart Baker (born May 5, 1986) is an American entertainer, web-based comedian, video producer, singer, rapper and former parody artist. He is best known for making parody videos of notable songs, which he posts on his YouTube channel. He was described as one of the most prolific makers of music parodies by Billboard.

How many subscribers does Bart Baker have on YouTube?

As of 12 March 2018, Baker has over 10 million subscribers and 3 billion lifetime views on his YouTube channel. Since starting the channel in 2009, he has created over 100 parody videos that have featured guest stars like Joan Rivers and Pitbull.

When did Bart Baker move to Chinese market?

On September 6, 2019, Vice News reported that after YouTube’s demonetization of several YouTubers to satisfy family-friendly advertisers, Baker shifted his career to the Chinese market.

Where did Bart Baker go to high school?

In 2018, Baker was signed to World Star Hip Hop and released a song called “Popper” under the stage name of Lil Kloroxxx and started a life as a rapper. Baker was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 5, 1986. He attended high school at New Trier High School and film school at the University of Miami.