How big do spotted silver dollars get?

In the wild, they can grow to lengths of up to 22 inches. Spotted silver dollar fish – Found primarily in French Guyana and Brazil, this fish grows up to 6.5 inches in length and has patterns of black dots.

What does ick look like on silver dollars?

Silver Dollars are pretty hardy fish. One of the most common diseases in ornamental fish is an ectoparasite known as Ichthyophthirius multifiliis – more commonly known as white spot disease or Ich. Your fish will start to develop white spots on its gills, fins or scales.

How can you tell a male from a female silver dollar fish?

Like many fish, there are no distinctly obvious means of distinguishing between a male and female silver dollar fish. The only way to tell the sex of a silver dollar fish is to study the anal fin. In a male silver dollar fish, the anal fin may be slightly longer and may also be tinged red.

What is the lifespan of a silver dollar fish?

around ten years
How long does a silver dollar fish live? The spotted silver dollar fish lifespan is said to be of around ten years on average but they can also live longer. When silver dollars are taken care of, these fishes are also amongst the longer-living fishes in the aquarium.

Are silver dollars aggressive fish?

The silver dollar is listed as semi-aggressive but some silver dollars can be very mellow. These fish can be kept in community tanks with fish that can’t fit in their mouths, and once fully grown, they can be kept with larger fish like oscars, pikes, and larger catfish.

What size tank do silver dollars need?

75 gallons
Silver Dollar Habitat and Care Although this fish is fairly durable, the aquarist must maintain a very large tank for them. A school or six or more will require an aquarium of 75 gallons or larger. Silver dollars prefer subdued lighting, dark substrate, plenty of room to move about, as well as many good hiding places.

Can silver dollars live with goldfish?

You can put together any species you want, but it doesn’t mean their won’t be negative results (ie, one eaten, beat up, stressed) however the question “should” will always lead you to the right answer. I would expect the Silver Dollars to terrorize the nice flowing fins of the Goldfish.

Is silver dollar fish aggressive?

Why do silver dollars shake?

When Silver Dollars are ready to breed, the male becomes a pursuer. The male will appear to chase until the desired female relents, allowing closer contact. Some bumping and flicking will go on before the male releases his sperm. This happens at about the same time the female releases her eggs.

Where do silver dollar fish live?

Silver dollar fish (Metynnis argenteus) was first described in 1923. The fish inhabits in the Amazon river (South America) – the territory of modern Paraguay and Brazil.

What is a silver dollar fish?

derive their name from their looks.

  • Typical Behaviour. They are large quiet schooling fish that need plenty of space to swim.
  • Appearance.
  • Spotted Silver dollar fish.
  • Red hook silver dollar fish.
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  • Tank mates.
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  • What is a dollar fish?

    Dollar fish. (Zool.) a fish of the United States coast (Stromateus triacanthus), having a flat, roundish form and a bright silvery luster; – called also butterfish, and Lafayette. See Butterfish .