Who is Lewis Collins wife?

Michelle Larrettm. 1992–2013
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When did Lewis Collins get married?

1992 (Michelle Larrett)
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Personal life. Collins married Michelle Larrett, a school-teacher, in 1992. The couple had three sons; Oliver, Elliot and Cameron.

Is Lewis Collins dead?

Deceased (1946–2013)
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What happened to Martin Shaw?

Martin Shaw is 72, though his clean-living lifestyle – no booze, no meat – has blessed him with a complexion that could belong to a man 20 years younger. He lives in a big, old house in Norfolk with his partner Karen Da Silva, a yoga teacher.

Is Bodie still alive?

Lewis Collins, best known for his role as Bodie in the 1970s TV series The Professionals, has died aged 67 after a five-year struggle with cancer. His agent said Collins died peacefully in his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday surrounded by his family, and asked for privacy during “this very sad time”.

Who killed George Gently?

Alan Croxley
More than ever, he was haunted by the murder of wife Isabella – especially when local MP Michael Clements (Richard Harrington) told him the name of the man who actually killed her: Alan Croxley. And it was secret service agent Croxley who finally gunned Gently down on the beach.

Did Martin Shaw play Elvis Presley?

In 1985, Shaw played Elvis Presley in Alan Bleasdale’s critically acclaimed Are You Lonesome Tonight?. Shaw’s portrayal of Lord Goring in An Ideal Husband on Broadway earned him a Tony Award nomination and a Drama Desk award.

Did Martin Shaw perm his hair?

The producers of The Professionals originally wanted Shaw to play Ray Doyle with short hair and a suit. Shaw was having none of it. He got his long hair permed and turned up on the first day of shooting in jeans and a leather jacket. The director liked the look and the rest is history.

Who was Lewis Collins married to in the professionals?

Collins leaves his wife, Michelle – whom he married in 1992 – and three sons. The Professionals is currently being re-run on ITV4.

Where did Lewis Collins live before he died?

I send my love and condolences to his family, and the great many who will miss him.’ Father-of-three Collins, who was born in Merseyside, lived with his wife Michelle and sons Oliver, Elliot, and Cameron in Los Angeles in the years before his death.

Who are the sons of the late Lewis Collins?

The late Lewis Collins with his wife and three sons. © Michelle Collins | Image courtesy of Michelle. Find this Pin and more on ti, které máme rádiby Radka Palovčíková. More information The late Lewis Collins with his wife and three sons. © Michelle Collins | Image courtesy of Michelle.

What kind of cancer did Lewis Collins have?

Collins, who played taciturn tough guy Bodie alongside Martin Shaw, had fought a five-year battle with cancer. ‘He died peacefully at his Los Angeles home surrounded by his family.