What is Bank Windhoek branch code?

List last updated on 1 June 2016.

Bank Branch Name Branch Code
Bank Windhoek Cash Centre 482872
Bank Windhoek Central Administrative Branch 482372
Bank Windhoek Corporate 484072
Bank Windhoek Eenhana 483973

What is a branch code bank?

A branch code is a unique identifying code for a given branch of a bank. Each branch of a bank is differentiated by its branch code. These branch codes are known by various different names across the globe.

What is my branch code Standard bank?

Please be advised you are able to use the bank’s universal branch code which is 051001.

How can I check my bank balance in Windhoek?

You may view your balance for free by dialing *140*295*1# or purchase MTC airtime *140*295*3*3*1# with no charge to your airtime as well. Alternatively, you may download and self-register on our Mobile App which allows you to access it at zero data cost (please do keep data activated for connection purposes).

How do I register for Windhoek cellphone banking?

How can I register for Cellphone Banking? To register for limited access Cellphone Banking, please dial *140*295# and follow the message prompts. To register for Full Access Cellphone Banking, please visit your nearest branch to complete an application form.

What is the universal Branch code for FNB?

250 655
Universal Bank Branch Codes and International Swift Codes. ( 2021 )

Bank Name Universal Bank Code Swift Code
First National Bank (FNB) 250 655 FIRNZAJJ
FirstRand Bank – A subsidiary of First Rand Limited 250 655 FIRNZAJJRSL
Grindrod Bank Limited 223 626 GRIDZAJJXXX
Investec Bank Limited 580 105 IVESZAJJXXX

How can I know my SBI branch code?

For State Bank of India’s (SBI) 11-digit IFSC code, the first four letters will be ‘SBIN’, and the last 6 digits will represent a specific branch code. For example, the IFSC code of the SBI branch at 23, Himalaya House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110001, is SBIN0005943. Here, 005943 is the branch code.

Does a branch code matter?

Branch Code vs Universal Branch Code Generic or Universal Branch Code – It’s user-friendly code offering a single code for all the branches of a bank. As a result, you can use this code on any transaction no matter what branch a bank account is held or opened.

How do I access my Windhoek Cellphone Banking?

To access Cellphone Banking features to do banking, dial *140*295#.

How do I check my balance on e wallet?

If you want to check your eWallet balance, you need to dial the same USSD code *120*277#. Select the option for checking your balance.

What is the SWIFT code for Bank Windhoek?


How to contact Bank Windhoek Beperk in South Africa?

Bank Windhoek: Bank Windhoek Beperk Branch Codes, Bank App, Card, Address, BIC Code, SWIFT Code, Phone Number, Map, Location, Loan, and Fax. Through this post, you will get full information on the Bank Windhoek Beperk Branch Codes & Contact Details in South Africa.

Who is the largest bank in Namibia Capricorn?

Bank W​indhoek, a fully-fledged bank and the flagship brand of the Capricorn Group, is the largest lender in Namibia. Bank Windhoek offers a wide range of banking products and services covering the personal, corporate, small and medium enterprises market segments.

How are branch codes used in South Africa?

Branch Codes are used when processing bank account payments in South Africa. Branch codes are 6 digits codes that represent the bank branch. In other words, codes are used to identify each bank branch. Codes are needed when you want to transfer money from a particular bank branch to another.