What is the use of 5 pen PC technology?

The 5 pen pc technology with digital pen makes it possible to get a digital copy of handwritten information, and have it sent to digital devices via Bluetooth. P-ISM (Pen-Style Personal Networking Gadget Package), which is nothing but the new discovery which is under developing stage by NES Corporation.

What is the meaning of5 pen pc technology?

5 pen PC technology is a computer technology in style of pen. It was developed in 2012 by a Japanese Technology Company, NEC. This technology consists of an input device with input that can be taken from handwriting, a Central Processing Unit, a small projector and a camera along with a mobile phone.

Who invented 5 pen computer?

Tour Ichihashi
5 Pen Pc Technology is developed by a Japanese Company NEC (Nippon Electric Company, Limited) in 2003. It is designed by Tour Ichihashi. It has five major parts: CPU pen, communication pen, Projector pen, Camera pen and Virtual keyboard pen.

What is communication pen?

Communication Pen It connects each and every pen using the wireless technologies such as Blue tooth, Cellular Network, and Radio Signals. The cellular network is generally used to connect the devices to the Internet. Blue tooth and Radio Waves are used to connect the pens internally to make it as single device.

What is P ism?

 P-ISM (“Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package”), which is under developing, stage by NEC Corporation ( Nippon Electric Company, Limited).

What is E ball technology?

E-ball technology is a tiny computer in the shape of a sphere. It is one of the smallest designs that have been made for laptops and desktops. It is the smallest PC design that has ever been made. It has a sphere-shaped design, as it is one of the most attractive designs according to Apostal Tnokovski .

What is a Projector Pen?

Slim, rechargeable S320WI and S500WI Projector Pen from Dell™ allows you to write, draw, or apply it as a mouse on virtually all software applications and smooth surfaces. Comes with a wrist strap which you can loop to the bottom-end slot of the handy device to avoid drop and damage of pen.

Where is E-Ball technology used?

Applications. Office work: The E-ball can be used to make presentations, word, and other office-related documents. Watching movies: The E-ball has a holographic display that can be used for watching movies at the comfort of homes or any place that has a flat surface for the creation of the monitor screen.

What are the seminar topics for CSE?

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  • Tamper Resistance.

What is an overhead projector pen?

Projector pens are often used in schools as they enable the subject matter to be communicated better in presentations or group work. The ink used in these writing instruments optimally adheres to smooth surfaces, such as overhead projector film.

What is E-ball technology?

What’s the name of the 5 pen computer?

The proposed system talk about an innovation that shrinks our computer into 5 pens, amazing isn’t it. The official concept behind this 5 pen PC technology is developed by NEC and is named Pen-style personal networking gadget package or P-ISM.

Is there a pen that looks like a keyboard?

Virtual keyboard pen: The virtual laser keyboard which is abbreviated as VSK is the new and final device for the PC users. The VSK release the laser beam on the device where it looks like a keyboard with the arrangement of keys and it is a software part which permits the user to enter the characters.

What are the functions of a pen PC?

INTRODUCTIONFive pen pc shortly called as P-ISM (―Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package‖), isnothing but the new discovery, which is under developing stage by NEC Corporation. P-ISMis a gadget package including five functions: a CPU pen, communication pen with a cellularphone function, virtual keyboard, a very small projector, and a camera.

Can you use pen and paper on 5 pen PC?

When writing a quick note, pen and paper are still the most natural to use. The 5 pen pc technology with digital pen and paper makes it possible to get a digital copy of handwritten information, and have it sent to digital devices via Bluetooth.