What does sh mean in soccer stats?

Offense – Shooting

# Player Number
Name Player Name
SH Shots
SHl Shots with Left Foot
SHr Shots with Right Foot

What is SH in soccer?

Shots (Sh) Shots (attempted), including shots that are not “on goal” Shots on Goal (SOG) Number of shots on target.

What are stats in soccer?

Not hard to understand, soccer statistics are simply a set of recorded actions. Each successful pass, each shot, each shot on goal, etc can all be recorded by a statistics keeper, and attributed to specific players during a game.

What is GA soccer stats?

GF (or just F) stands for ‘Goals For’, which means the number of goals the team has scored across all matches played. GA (or just A) stands for ‘Goals Against’, which is the number of goals the team has conceded across all of their matches. For every goal that the team scores, it will be added to their GF tally.

What does OG mean in soccer?

While the defending player who scored the own goal is personally “credited” with the goal as part of the statistical abstract of the game (with the annotation “(og)” to indicate its nature), own goals are not added to a player’s seasonal or career goalscoring total.

What does TB mean in soccer?

Football Glossary

Stat Abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition
SckYds Sack Yardage
TB Touchback
TD Touchdown

What is a dribble stat in soccer?

The most basic of all soccer skills is dribbling, the ability to carry the ball past an opponent while being in control, whether by using a series of simple taps or a fantastic move around a foe. If a player can’t dribble a ball, then he cannot play the game. Dribbling is a lost art these days.

What are key passes in soccer?

Key Pass. The final pass or pass-cum-shot leading to the recipient of the ball having an attempt at goal without scoring. Pass. Any intentional played ball from one player to another.

What are the abbreviations in a soccer stat sheet?

Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap’s system Soccer Stat Sheets: “ATHLETE” STAT SHEET: “SHOTS”: -G = Goals By Athlete. -A = Assists By Athlete. -Pts = Points By Athlete. -Sh = Shots By Athlete. -Sh % = Shot Percentage By Athlete. -SOG = Shots On Goal By Athlete.

What do you need to know about soccer STATS?

SoccerSTATS.com features a mix of high-level and more in-depth football statistics on domestic football leagues worldwide and international competitions. The stats are primarily aimed at the team and league levels such as league tables and standings, form tables, along with more detailed football stats indicators. Sat. 26.

Which is the best website for soccer statistics?

SoccerSTATS.com provides football statistics and results on national and international soccer competitions worldwide.

How are shots on goal calculated in soccer?

-SOG % = Shots On Goal Percentage By Athlete -GAAvg = Goals Allowed Average By Athlete -T Att 3rd = Touches By Athlete – Attack 3rd -Total = Total Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete -Att = Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete; Attack 3rd -Mid = Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete; Middle 3rd