Does Hawke become a GREY warden?

Carver became a Grey Warden: Varric states that he was last seen on warden business near the border of the Anderfels. A conversation with Hawke reveals that they sent their associate Aveline Vallen to take him far away from Orlais when they heard about Grey Wardens acting strangely.

What class should Hawke be?

Hawke is the player-controlled protagonist of Dragon Age II. Hawke is fully voiced, can be either male or female, and has a fully customizable appearance. Hawke can be a mage, warrior or rogue.

Does varric become Viscount?

When Varric complained that the lack of a viscount was interfering with his reconstruction operations, the nobles voted Varric in as the new Viscount of Kirkwall since they thought his complaining was “volunteering”.

Can you become Dwarf King in Dragon Age?

Unfortunately no, if you are a Dwarf Noble, you cannot become King.

Can I romance varric?

Varric, Leliana, and Cole cannot be flirted with or romanced at all.

How old is varric in Dai?

Evangeline estimates his age as 20 in her codex entry written in 9:40, making him 21 at the time of Inquisition. Varric: His family was exiled “as the Blessed Age drew to a close” and he was born after that, and he published his first serial in 9:18, making him probably mid-forties.

Who killed Trian Aeducan?

Whether Trian is dead when the Dwarf Noble arrives or is slain by the Dwarf Noble, King Endrin, Bhelen, Lord Harrowmont, and guards will arrive to discover the grisly scene.

Is Poppy immortal?

Immortality: After being “ascended” by Casteel it is believed that Poppy will be immortal much like the deities.

What kind of character is Hawke in Dragon Age?

Hawke is fully voiced, can be either male or female and has a fully customizable appearance. Hawke can be a mage, warrior or rogue. The default given name for Hawke is Garrett for a male, and Marian for a female.

Can a dwarf be a mage in Dragon Age?

Dwarves cannot be mages. In Thedas they are unable to interact with the Fade (i.e., dream) and are therefore incredibly resistant to magic. In order to become a mage, and use magic, players must go through the Magi origin and choose to be an elf or a human.

Who is the Dwarf Noble in Dragon Age?

The Dwarf Noble may elect to watch the Provings or visit the merchants, and will be accompanied by Gorim Saelac, the Dwarf Noble’s second and friend (or possibly lover provided that the Noble is female and confirms such a relationship).

Who are Hawke Amell’s parents in Dragon Age?

Hawke’s father Malcolm was an apostate mage who died three years before the beginning of the game, while their mother Leandra (of the Amell family) is a noble from Kirkwall. Hawke has two younger twin siblings – the mage Bethany and the warrior Carver – who are mutually exclusive potential companions.