What is The Island School in the Bahamas?

The Island School is a transformative semester or summer journey based on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. Students and teachers at The Island School engage in a process of inquiry in order to discover sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Who owns Island School Bahamas?

Island School (Bahamas)

Island School
Founder Chris and Pam Maxey
Chairman Ashley Waldorf
Dean Liz Slingsby
Faculty 25

How do you get into The Island School?

Acceptance criteria include personal essays, academic records, recommendations, and, most importantly, a clear indication of the student’s enthusiasm and desire to explore a new world and discover new ways of learning. Students come from a variety of schools – public and private, boarding and day.

What is an Island School?

Island School is a diverse school, home to children from a large number of countries. Stephen Loggie is the current principal of Island School.

Who founded The Island School?

Chris Maxey
Chris Maxey Chris founded The Island School in 1999 while serving as a residential house master and teacher in the Interdisciplinary department at Lawrenceville School.

How does The Island School conserve energy?

The buildings and grounds at The Island School incorporate systems and design principles that minimize our ecological footprint through the conservation of collected resources like energy and water. Cisterns for rain water collection. Solar panels and solar hot water heaters.

Does Christmas Island have schools?

Christmas Island District High School (CIDHS) is a public co-educational early learning, primary, and high day school located in Christmas Island, a territory of Australia. As of 2019 the school served approximately 235 students from kindergarten through to Year 12.

When was island school built?

Island School/Founded

When was The Island School founded?

Island School/Founded

President. Chris founded The Island School in 1999 while serving as a residential house master and teacher in the Interdisciplinary department at Lawrenceville School.

When was the island school founded?

What is mined on Christmas Island?

The main economic activities on Christmas Island are the mining of low grade phosphate, limited tourism, the provision of government services and more recently the operation of the Immigration Detention Centre. The government sector includes administration, health, education, policing, customs, quarantine and defence.

What is the literacy rate of Christmas Island?

The territory of Christmas Island is 870 miles northwest of Australia. Seventy-three percent of the population is Chinese; however, English is the primary language taught in school….Christmas Island.

Basic Data
Region: Oceania
Population: 2,564
Language(s): English, Chinese, Malay

What do students learn at the Island School?

During our Semester and Summer Term, high school sophomores and juniors from around the world join our community to learn outside the walls of a classroom. With the campus and surrounding ocean as our laboratory and with help from our colleagues at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, we teach students how to live sustainably in the twenty-first century.

What happens in the summer term at the Island School?

The Semester and Summer Term are the beginning of a lifelong educational journey, with more self-confident students leaving as engaged global citizens, empowered to be active leaders of their generation.

Which is the smallest island in the Bahamas?

San Salvador may be one of the smallest islands in The Bahamas, but it stands out amongst the larger destinations. Historic monuments, scenic lakes, tranquil beaches, and natural parks abound. Island Highlights