What strain is Northern Lights number 5?

Northern Lights #5, also known as “CI #5 F1,” first appeared in the early 1990s as a strain of mysterious origins. It’s thought to be a descendent of an Afghani landrace indica, while other online sources believe it also has Thai sativa genetics in its family tree.

What strain is Lemon Drop?

Lemon Drop is a hybrid strain with a 40% indica / 60% sativa split, combining a mild body buzz with a deep mind high. The origin of Lemon Drop has been traced to the west coast of America, with it being a popular strain for over a decade, however very little is known about its genetics and who its parent strains are.

Is Northern Lights strain good for sleep?

Northern Lights This indica cross between Thai and Afghani is another popular strain, particularly for those trying to get some shut-eye. Reviewers say this strain relaxes both their muscles and minds, allowing for deep rest.

What is the best Northern Lights?

Swedish Lapland is a great place to see the Northern Lights. Abisko, in the Arctic Circle is reputed to be the best aurora-watching spot in the world, thanks to its special microclimate which means it has less precipitation than other aurora-spotting destinations.

What are the Northern Lights really look like?

The northern lights often appear as green or yellow in colour, but other colours like violet, blue, pink, orange and even white can also be seen.

What is the purpose of the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, is a natural light display in the sky that attracts world-wide attention. Bright colors, including green and red, often swirl and whirl in the sky, creating beautiful images and an almost spiritual experience.

What is the best way to see the Northern Lights?

Flight-seeing is another popular way to witness the magic of the Northern Lights from the air. Other unique aurora sightseeing tours include dog sledding and photography focused tours. Getting there: Alaska is accessible by flights from North America (search Skyscanner by entire month for the best prices), or cruise.