What does county Commissioner do?

County commissioners are elected officials who oversee county activities and work to ensure that citizen concerns are met, They represent county concerns before local, state and national boards and commissions, including school boards, city councils, township boards, and state and federal offices.

What is the county for Logan Oh?

Hocking County

Is Hocking Hills a dry county?

-Hocking Hills is located in a “Dry” county which means that alcohol is not sold- but alcohol can be bought very close by.

How many commissioners are there in Ohio?

Each Ohio county organized under the general statutory law has eleven elected officials consisting of three county commissioners and an auditor, treasurer, prosecuting attorney, Page 2 2 clerk of courts of common pleas, engineer, coroner, recorder and sheriff.

How do I become a commissioner?

Becoming a commissioner requires you to have significant formal qualifications and experience, typically a degree in law followed by years of practice, particularly as a public defender or for the district attorney’s office.

What county in Ohio is Bellefontaine?

Logan County

Bellefontaine is the county seat of Logan County, Ohio. It was named after the French word for “beautiful spring”, since several limestone springs once existed in the area. Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket had a village located on the site of Bellefontaine.

Are there any dry counties in Michigan?

The only other county with a form of Sunday liquor ban in Michigan is Hillsdale County, which allows people to buy liquor at stores, but not in bars and restaurants. Numerous townships and municipalities across Michigan have some sort of Sunday liquor law.

Who is Ohio’s commissioner?

Commissioner Julia “Rita” McNeil Danish was appointed to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on March 19, 2021, by Governor Mike DeWine for a five-year term that will expire July 25, 2025.

How often are county commissioners elected?

County Commissioners are elected in November of each even-numbered year. Commissioners are elected to either 2-year or 4-year terms.

Is a commissioner a judge?

An attorney, a judge, a retired judge, or any person with the background necessary to comprehend complex legal matters may be a court commissioner, although a court commissioner is not a judge. The court that the court commissioner serves ordinarily reviews his or her decisions.