What is the fastest MMA knockout?

Two seconds
Two seconds is the current standing record for fastest knockout in MMA history, according to Doug Sibor of Complex Sports.

What was the shortest UFC match?

Quickest Knockout Finishes In UFC

Bout Event Time
Duane Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet UFC Fight Night 3 0:11
Caol Uno vs. BJ Penn I UFC 34 0:11
Rob Emerson vs. Manny Gamburyan UFC 87 0:12
Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks UFC 141 0:12

Who was the fastest person to get knocked out?

FASTEST KNOCKOUT The fastest knockout on record appears to be one in a Golden Gloves tournament at Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 4 Nov 1947, when Mike Collins floored Pat Brownson with the first punch and the contest was stopped, without a count, 4 seconds after the bell.

What is the shortest MMA fight?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JULY 06: Jorge Masvidal of the United States knocks out Ben Askren of the United States during their UFC 239 Welterweight Bout at T-Mobile Arena on July 06, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who has most knockouts in MMA?

Matt Brown and Derrick Lewis are tied for first place in the UFC’s record book when it comes to the most knockouts in the promotion’s history. The pair of competitors are co-record-holders with 12 KO/TKO wins apiece.

Who has the most KO’s in UFC history?

12 knockouts Here come the kings that hold the throne for most knockouts in UFC history. It all boils down to two names, Derrick Lewis and Vitor Belfort. It is no doubt that ‘the black beast’ is the best knockout artist of all time. Derrick has found 12 victims to his tally of knockouts.

Who has the fastest finish in UFC history?

Fastest Finish

  • 1 Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren 0:05 07-06-2019 | UFC 239: Jones vs.
  • 2 Duane Ludwig vs Jonathan Goulet 0:06 01-16-2006 | UFC Fight Night 3.
  • 3 Todd Duffee vs Tim Hague 0:07 08-29-2009 | UFC 102: Couture vs Nogueira.
  • 3 Chan Sung Jung vs Mark Hominick 0:07 12-10-2011 | UFC 140: Jones vs Machida.

What is the fastest UFC knockout in history?

1. Jorge Masvidal (0:05) vs Ben Askren. Arguably the greatest knockout in UFC history also happens to be the fastest.

Who is the fastest boxer?

Top 25 Fastest Boxers of all time

  • Manny Pacquiao is ranked as the fastest left-hand boxer in history.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the fastest boxers in history and his speed was just otherworldly.
  • Roy Jones Jr.

What boxer has most knockouts?

Most knockouts (Billy Bird) Having the most knockouts in boxing history is definitely something to brag about. Billy Bird holds the record for the most knockouts with a whopping 138 wins by KO. He fought 356 times in his career, something unheard of nowadays.

Who got knocked out in 5 seconds?

Jorge Masvidal knocked out previously unbeaten Ben Askren with a sensational flying knee just 5 seconds into their bout on a card peppered with jaw-dropping finishes until Jones’ decision.

Who’s got the most knockouts in UFC history?