Who led the 2 crusade?

King Louis VII of France
Unlike the First Crusade, however, the Second Crusade was led by two of Europe’s greatest rulers, King Louis VII of France and Emperor Conrad III of Germany.

What was the purpose of the 2 crusade?

According to Bernard of Clairvaux, the goal of the crusade was to battle the pagan Slavs “until such a time as, by God’s help, they shall either be converted or deleted”.

Why did the 2nd Crusade fail?

promote the cause of a Second Crusade (1147–49) to quell the prospect of a great Muslim surge engulfing both Latin and Greek Orthodox Christians. The Crusade ended in failure because of Bernard’s inability to account for the quarrelsome nature of politics, peoples, dynasties, and adventurers.

What three religions considered the city of Jerusalem to be important?

Explore the history of Jerusalem in this video resource from PBS LearningMedia and find out why this city is considered one of the most sacred sites to three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What language did crusaders speak?

The native Christians and Muslims, who were a marginalized lower class, tended to speak Greek and Arabic, while the crusaders, who came mainly from France, spoke French.

What is Edessa called today?

But the campaign failed and Edessa was lost for the Christians. Today, the city is called Şanlıurfa and is part of modern-day Turkey; it retains very little of its former importance to Christianity. The Oriental Orthodox community largely disappeared after the Armenian genocide during World War I.

Why did the Second Crusade result in failure?

Who won the Fourth Crusade?

The Fourth Crusade and the crusading movement generally thus resulted, ultimately, in the victory of Islam, a result which was of course the exact opposite of its original intention. When Innocent III heard of the conduct of his pilgrims he was filled with shame and rage, and he strongly rebuked them.

Who are the people that fought in the Crusades?

Who fought in the Crusades? The Crusades were between the armies of Europe, mostly the Holy Roman Empire, and the Arabs that had control of Jerusalem. In the first Crusade Europe battled the Seljuk Turks. There were around 30,000 soldiers from Europe in the first Crusade, they were made up of Knights, peasants, and other commoners.

What was the purpose of the Crusades in the Middle Ages?

The Crusades. The Crusades were a series of wars during the Middle Ages where the Christians of Europe tried to retake control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims.

Who was in control of the Holy Land before the Crusades?

The initial Crusade began when the Seljuk Turks took control of the Holy Land. Prior to this, the Arabs had been in control of the land. However, the Arabs had allowed Christians to pilgrimage and visit the city of Jerusalem. In 1070, when the Turks took control, they began to refuse Christian pilgrims into the area.

Where did the products of the Crusades go?

The products of Damascus, Mosul, Alexandria, Cairo, and other great cities were carried across the Mediterranean to the Italian seaports, whence they found their way into all European lands.