How can I convert MKV to AVI?

Movavi Video Converter is an excellent option for converting your MKV files to AVI….How to Convert MKV to AVI with Movavi Video Converter

  1. Install the Program on Your PC or Mac.
  2. Add MKV Files to the Program for Encoding.
  3. Select the Output Format.
  4. Convert MKV to AVI.

Is Avi the best video format?

Conclusion. AVI is one of the most well-known audio-video formats. Still the best quality video format in many situations, AVI video format is holding its own compared to more modern video file formats. It is still widely supported and deserves consideration from any serious audio-video user or creator.

How can I convert MKV to MP4 for free?

MKV to MP4 Converter. CloudConvert converts your video files online. Amongst many others, we support MP4, WEBM and AVI. You can use the options to control video resolution, quality and file size.

Can MKV files contain malware?

The flaw can be exploited in two ways: through a malicious application that contains a malformed MKV file, or by browsing to a Web page with a specifically crafted MKV video embedded in it. The effect of the Web-based exploit is not as persistent and the device can be rebooted to restore normal operation.

Why is AVI file so big?

Why are AVI files so large? AVI uses less compression than some other file formats (eg. MPEG, MOV), which means resulting file size can be much larger.

How to convert mkv files to AVI files?

The basic usage of the Free MKV to AVI Converter is a very simple: to convert MKV video files, just drag & drop them into main window and click Convert button on the toolbar.

How can I convert my videos to Avi?

If you want to convert your video clips online, go to and upload a file by clicking the Add Your File button. Open the list of formats, choose Video, and select AVI as your desired format.

How to convert Matroska video files to Avi?

AVI files generated by the program can be played on most portable players. Free MKV to AVI Converter is an absolutely free application which converts Matroska video files ( MKV) to AVI or MPEG. MKV is an open standard of multimedia container that allows to embed multiple audio tracks and subtitles in one file.

Is there a video converter for Windows 8?

Total Video Converter is designed for both Mac and Windows. It supports all versions of Windows including Windows 8. It helps convert different file formats from mobile phones and computers. For instance, it supports conversion of files such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, MPEG, TIF, AVC, and WMV.