Is LaDainian Tomlinson better than Barry Sanders?

Tomlinson blows the competition away when it comes to scoring touchdowns. Jim Brown dominates per game with a 5.2 yard a carry average, Barry Sanders is consistently great, while LaDainian Tomlinson is a workhorse who produces more and turns it over less than any other back.

How many passing TDS does LaDainian Tomlinson have?

145 touchdowns
With 13,684 yards and 145 touchdowns during his 11-year NFL career, Tomlinson was honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

How many times did LaDainian Tomlinson fumble in his career?

Overall, a very impressive and Canton worthy resume. His 30 career fumbles is 10th best for RB’s with 1000+ carries and his 1% fumble rate is the 2nd best all time for a RB (Curtis Martin is #1) with 1500+ touches.

What position did LaDainian Tomlinson?

Running back
LaDainian Tomlinson/Position

Is LaDainian Tomlinson the best RB ever?

One of the best to ever do it According to Pro Football Reference’s Hall of Fame monitor, Tomlinson put together the fifth-greatest career by a running back in league history. Tomlinson’s 136.15 points put him behind fellow greats Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Smith and just ahead of O.J.

What running back has the most passing yards?

Sammy Baugh has the most career passing yards by a running back, with 8,379 yards.

Sammy Baugh 72 8,379
Arnie Herber 116 8,041
Cecil Isbell 54 5,945
Parker Hall 42 4,013

What was LaDainian Tomlinson nickname?

The President
LaDainian Tomlinson/Nicknames
Just today, I searched LT on GOOGLE and the first site to pop up was NFL’s profile for LaDainian Tomlinson. Now, I have an issue. L.T. is and will remain the nickname of Giant great Lawrence Taylor.

Who wore 21 on the Chargers?

LaDainian Tomlinson

No. 21
NFL Draft: 2001 / Round: 1 / Pick: 5
Career history
San Diego Chargers (2001–2009) New York Jets (2010–2011)
Career highlights and awards

Who was the best NFL running back of all time?

Top 10 running backs of all time

  1. Walter Payton. Teams: Chicago Bears.
  2. Jim Brown. Team: Cleveland Browns.
  3. Emmitt Smith. Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals.
  4. Adrian Peterson.
  5. LaDainian Tomlinson.
  6. Eric Dickerson.
  7. Gale Sayers.
  8. Barry Sanders.

Was Walter Payton the best running back ever?

“He was one of the most durable running backs of all time and his 1977 season will probably never be replicated.” In 1977, Payton led the league in several categories including rushing yards, yards from scrimmage, and total touchdowns.

How many seasons did LaDainian Tomlinson play in the NFL?

LaDainian Tramayne Tomlinson (born June 23, 1979) is a former professional American football player who was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for eleven seasons.

How many TDs does LaDainian Tomlinson have in his career?

Tomlinson also tied Lenny Moore ‘s all-time record for consecutive games scoring a TD (18). On October 16, 2005, in the Chargers’ victory over the Oakland Raiders, LaDainian Tomlinson became the 7th player in NFL history to run, catch, and throw for a touchdown in the same game.

When did LaDainian Tomlinson get inducted into the Hall of Fame?

LaDainian Tomlinson. He currently serves as an analyst on NFL Network. After being elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2014, Tomlinson was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August 2017, his first year of eligibility.

Why was LaDainian Tomlinson not in the Super Bowl?

Many will knock LaDainian Tomlinson because he never played in a Super Bowl or won a title. He isn’t troubled by that, though, and would be perfectly fine with just earning a spot in Canton. news Joe McKnight: I need to ‘get it’ this season The Jets’ Joe McKnight is planning to have a big year for himself.