How many original Care Bears episodes are there?

Summary. The Care Bears Family was a Nelvana produced series that ran from September 13, 1986 to December 25, 1988. It consisted of 18 episodes spread out through three seasons and one TV special.

Where can I watch the old Care Bears?

Watch Care Bears: Classic Series Season 1 | Prime Video.

Are original Care Bears worth anything?

Vintage Care Bears are now prized items for serious toy collectors, and they can fetch hundreds – or even possibly thousands – of dollars. As reported by 7 News, some bears sell for less than $10 but if you’ve got the right one, some can fetch nearly $800.

What channel was Care Bears on?

American Broadcasting Company
Global Television Network
Care Bears/Networks

Who is the villain in the Care Bears?

Also, the Care Bears have, never had humans visit Care-a-lot, and a new villain named Grizzle (who seeks to conquer Care-a-Lot and nothing else) was introduced.

How many episodes of the Care Bears are there?

The series is based on the American Greetings franchise of the same name . In 1983, Atkinson Film-Arts of Ottawa produced the first two Care Bears specials. DIC Enterprises produced an 11-episode series, which aired in 1985.

Who is the creator of the Care Bears?

Care Bears was the Care Bears’ first animated television series. It was produced by DIC Entertainment.

When did Care Bears come out on VHS?

The series has seen a few VHS releases from DIC Video and Buena Vista Home Video throughout the 80’s and 90’s. In March 2003, Sterling Entertainment released 3 releases on VHS and DVD – “Bedtime Stories”, “The Last Laugh” and “To the Rescue”.

What do the Care Bears do on YouTube?

The official YouTube channel of the Care Bears! The Care Bears are a roly-poly collection of lovable little Bears with a very special mission: each of the Care Bears captures and expresses a human emotion. In the complex world of human communication and emotional expression, the Care Bears help people share their feelings with other people.